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1. Tips: Regarding these two express services channels HKDHL-BA and HKFEDEXIP-C,

For the goods sent to EU, please register IOSS as soon as possible. If you fail to register IOSS after July 1st, you will not be able to ship the goods normally. Please be informed!

According to customs requirements, exports to the EU countries, consumer (B2C) e-commerce activities person such as cross-border trade related businesses/actual senders, from July 1, the European Union imports value-added tax tariff changes, must be completed one-stop import (IOSS) registration before that time, so as to facilitate rapid transit/clearance, eliminate any unexpected expenses. Please be informed that any unexpected expenses incurred will be borne by the sender.

IOSS registered website:

2. Because the EU tax reform does not clearly stipulate whether July 1st is the delivery date or the arrival date, so if the customer has the VAT tax number, please fill it in as soon as possible. The VAT tax number is not required, otherwise it may lead to delay in customs clearance or second tax collection, please be informed, thank you.

European Union Tax Number filling method on PFC system:

The channel of China Post

China Post Registered Parcel (CNRPOST-SZ)

China Post Parcel Surface Mail (CNAPOST -SZ)

Shenzhen Epacket (general goods) (SZEUB)

Shenzhen Epacket with in-built battery (SZEUB-BA)

Shenzhen Epacket Cosmetics (SZEUB-H)

1. Enter "Import" in the "CusRemark" field, which represents IOSS (0), and represents the IOSS code registered by the seller in IMPORT mode as the VAT identification account. This method is adopted by AliExpress platform at present.The tax number in VAT No field cannot be blank.

2. Enter "non-union" in the "CusRemark" field to represent no-IOSS (1), and also reprensents the seller selects the non-union mode for registration.The tax number in VAT No field cannot be blank.

3. "Other" means that if the seller does not use any of the above two methods for registration or email does not have input VAT paid in advance (for example, over 150 Euros, tax paid by the recipient), "CusRemark" is blank, and the tax number in VAT No field is blank.



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