[EU customs clearance regulations] Metal products need to provide MTC certificate, please note!Notifications

From October 1, 2023, for steel products customs code begin with 72 and 73, products entering the UK and the EU, MTC certificates are required. For declared products that do not use the HS code begin with 72-83 catalog, but the name is clearly a product that embodies metal materials (such as electric shaving knives, staplers, edge cutting machines, etc.). The relevant MTC certificate must also be provided. Products that do not use the HS code of the 72-83 catalog category to declare, and the name does not clearly reflect the gold material, but the products that actually contain metal accessories (such as brackets, remote control toys, etc.) do not need to provide MTC certificates at customs clearance. However, if the product is inspected, it needs to submit the MTC certificate.

Note * The MTC certificate for registration requires the testing agency to specify the source of the material, which must not be from Russia!!

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