Notice of Hong Kong DHL / UPS Surcharge Updates in Year of 2020Notifications

Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for your strong and always support to our business.

1: The surcharge updates of our DHL / UPS channels in 2020 are as follows, effective from 12:00 on December 31, 2019:


1) Delivery surcharge for remote areas: calculated based on RMB4.5 / KG * fuel, the minimum charge is RMB230 / ticket * fuel (cost increase);

2) Surcharge on modification of customs clearance data: If the customs declaration value needs to be changed before or during the customs clearance process, a surcharge of RMB 450 / ticket * fuel oil (new) is required;

3) Surcharge of restricted destionation: RMB320 / ticket * fuel (cost increase);

4) Surcharge of high-risk areas: RMB225 / ticket * fuel (cost increase);


1)Overlength and overweight surcharge: RMB43 / piece * fuel (cost increase)

If it meets the following single condition, you will be charged. If it meets multiple conditions at the same time, only RMB43 / piece * fuel will be charged.

A. the weight of a single piece of goods ≥32KG (actual weight); B. any package with the length of the longest edge ≥ 122CM or the length of the second longest side ≥ 76CM C. irregularly packed goods (including round or cylindrical, etc. ) D. Non-carton packaged goods;

2) Large package surcharge: RMB430 / piece * fuel (cost increase)

Our company refuses to accept large parcel shipments. If there is a special reason for such shipments to UPS, our company will charge the following standards: If the length of the parcel plus the perimeter [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] exceeds 300 Cm, but within 400 cm of the UPS size limit, is considered a "large package." The minimum checkout weight for large parcels is 40 kg; RMB430 / piece * fuel.

3)Ultra limit surcharge: RMB1450 / piece * fuel (cost increase);

In accordance with UPS's sole discretion, shipments exceed the following limits will be charged:

① The maximum weight of each package is 70 kg

② The maximum length of each package is 274 cm

③ The maximum size of each package for the length and perimeter [(2 x width) + (2 x height)]is 400 cm;

4) Surcharge for pure battery of dangerous goods: RMB54 / piece, minimum charge RMB597 / ticket (cost increase);

5)Change address surcharge: RMB86 per item, up to RMB250 per ticket (charged according to the final bill) (upgrade);

2.All our UPS channels in Hong Kong do not accept goods with a single package weight ≥68KG, length ≥270CM, 1 length + 2 width + 2 height (cm) ≥ 295CM, effective from December 31, 2019;

3.The 2020 announced price of our UPS channel will take effect from 20:00 on December 31, 2019.

Note: The above fuel surcharges are subject to monthly updates.

Please be aware of the above notification,thank you for your understanding and support for PFC



2020-08-07 1633

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