Amazon will raise fees for a large number of European stations in 2024Notifications

Amazon recently released the announcement of the Adjustment and promotion of Amazon logistics fees and sales commissions in Europe Station 2024, which made a wave of updated adjustments for a number of fees in Europe Station 2024. European sellers who want to continue to operate sales in the European station must understand the content of Amazon's announcement of this fee update. Overall, there are several major changes:

1) Increase a number of costs, including: warehousing costs, logistics distribution costs of some Amazon sites, return processing fees for goods with a high return rate, and costs related to redundant inventory;

2) Reduce some fees, including: increased benefits for new product warehousing concessions, reduced monthly storage fees for standard-size goods in off-peak seasons, Amazon logistics preferential rates for low-price goods, and cancellation of surcharges on delivery costs of large-size goods in the warehousing country and the sales country;

3) Two new items, including: low volume inventory fee and goods in the original package delivery (SIPP) plan delivery discount.

The update of the European station is mainly based on price increases, and in a number of update policy rules, some sellers have "highlighted" the update:

1) From February 5, 2024, delivery fees in the UK have increased, and the average standard parcel has increased by 0.2, other sites remain unchanged;

2) From February 5, 2024, the inventory age is 271-365, and the overage inventory surcharge will be increased;

3) From 5 February 2024, the cost of long-distance deliveries between the UK and the EU will be reduced;

4) From March 1, 2024, the monthly storage fee for standard size goods in the UK will remain unchanged from January to September, and the monthly storage fee will increase from October to December.

5) From June 1, 2024, the storage utilization surcharge: Previously it was charged from 26 weeks, now it is adjusted to 22 weeks;

6) From April 1, 2024, low volume inventory fee will be charged for low inventory cost coverage for inventory supply <28 days (Pan-European plan);

7) From October 1, 2024, a return processing fee will be charged for each returned item that exceeds the category return rate threshold;

8) From February 5, 2024, the fees for return processing, disposal orders, and bulk clearance will all increase by varying degrees.

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