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At present, Amazon has 19 overseas sites in the world, covering North America (USA, Canada), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium), Asia (Japan), emerging sites (Australia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore) and other regions. Helping sellers reach hundreds of millions of consumers. Each of these sites has its own "specialty", you can combine your own business, capital situation and development needs and other factors, Pick your own offshore site, timely grasp overseas business opportunities!

1. Introduction of Amazon's North American advantages

At present, Amazon has two major stations in North America, the United States station and the Canadian station. The overall maturity and service perfection of the North American station makes many sellers use it as the first stop to develop business.

From a macro environment point of view, the North American station can be described as superior strength, for beginners, Amazon North America station has multiple advantages to help start:

· Large volume and high consumption potential

As the world's largest overseas site of Amazon, it has strong consumption power, and the two major sites include 370 million + people, with sufficient demographic dividend and a high proportion of Prime members.

· Complete category, more opportunities for subdivision

The selection culture of Canada is close to the United States, and the selection space is broad, which is conducive to the sellers to explore different categories of business opportunities!

· Complete supporting and complete service

As the earliest site opened, Amazon service support is complete, and new sellers are easier to get started.

· Convenient logistics, unimpeded distribution

Sellers can use Amazon's Remote Logistics Delivery Program (NARF) to ship U.S. FBA inventory directly to Canadian buyers, eliminating the need to ship inventory to Canada in advance, making it easy to expand your business footprint in North America. The program has four major advantages:

Utilize U.S. FBA inventory to provide free shipping to Prime buyers in Canada;

Amazon handles cross-border delivery, making the delivery process simpler and more convenient;

Import taxes and related fees shall be paid by the buyer, not by the seller;

Return directly to the United States, save worry and effort.

If you want to have huge traffic and reach more and wider consumers; If your choice is rich and complete, you want to layout a variety of categories at the same time...... Then the North American station is your first choice should not hesitate!

2.The advantages of Amazon Latin America station

In Latin America, in addition to the Mexico station that has been open to sellers, Amazon Brasilia Station was also officially opened to Chinese sellers in December 2023, and many North American sellers have been the first to expand their business territory and eat the "first crab"!

Combined with the macro development trend, the future potential of the Latin American site is unlimited:

· Sufficient demographic dividend and high potential for e-commerce growth

In 2022, Mexico and Brazil will have a population of 340 million + and abundant dividends. It is expected that by 2025, Mexico and Brazil's retail e-commerce revenue will grow to $23.9 billion and $86.53 billion, respectively, and the growth rate cannot be underestimated.

· High enthusiasm for online consumption and high penetration rate of online shopping

In 2023, the online shopping penetration rate in Mexico is estimated to reach 52.5%, and in 2022, the online shopping penetration rate in Brazil will reach 78%, showing amazing online shopping consumption power!

· Young consumer groups, large selection space

52% of Mexico's online shoppers are under the age of 34, 65% of Brazil's online shoppers are concentrated between the ages of 15 and 34, and the younger online shoppers bring considerable spending power and future growth space, but also create more opportunities for diversified choices!

Beginners need not worry, choose Amazon Latin America site, get a number of advantages to help get started:

· North American account joint opening, no need to re-register

The seller of the US station can use the joint account in North America to further open the station in Mexico and Brazil, without the need to register an account separately, and the operation is more labor-saving!

· Supported by Amazon logistics solutions, worry-free delivery

Sellers in Mexico station can choose Amazon Logistics (FBA) or self-delivery (MFN) mode, and sellers in Brasilia station can deliver goods to local buyers through self-delivery (MFN) mode. In addition, the two Latin American sites support the use of Amazon Remote Logistics Delivery Program (MFN), the US station FBA inventory directly to Mexico, Brazil buyers, without the need to ship inventory to the local, delivery more worry!

· Enriched official resource support to improve overall sales performance

Latin American young consumers pursue cost-effective, love promotional activities, Amazon also provides sellers with a wealth of on-site activities resources, sellers can through the town store treasure (DOTD), second kill (LD), seven days promotion (BD), coupons (Coupon) and Prime members to enjoy discounts, help further seize the peak season traffic, get excellent sales performance!

If you have fully realized the unlimited consumption potential of Latin America; If you have been working in North America for many years, you would like to further expand your business advantage...... Then, the choice of Latin America site is to lay out the new blue Ocean in advance, which will add another fire for your business to take off!

3.Tthe advantages of Amazon Europe

Amazon now has nine sites in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. From the perspective of the macro environment, Greater Europe brings unlimited business opportunities for the majority of sellers:

· The volume of e-commerce matches that of the United States

Europe has a vast territory and many export countries, and it is expected that by 2025, the overall volume of e-commerce in Europe will be equivalent to that of the United States, which contains huge development potential.

· High consumption level, Amazon has significant advantages

Europe has a high level of consumption, with an overall GDP of one-sixth of the world, and Amazon is the preferred shopping website in five European countries (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain), with significant advantages!

For new sellers, Amazon Europe offers a wealth of support to help you:

·9 countries one stop coverage, easy to register

One registration can open 9 European sites at the same time, no additional registration to open a shop, saving you time and money!

· A variety of logistics solutions, delivery worry

Sellers can use a variety of European logistics solutions, such as Amazon Logistics Europe Integration Service (Pan-Eu), European Distribution Network (EFN) Multinational Inventory (MCI), to help you solve multinational logistics distribution problems, and quickly sell your goods to European countries!

· Enjoy multiple benefits from new projects

This year, Amazon launched the European station export plan, convenient for you to directly sell goods from the current 9 countries in Europe to more European countries, and do not need additional registration to open a shop, the operation is more convenient, an energy, multiple benefits!

· Numerous tools to facilitate easy operation

Amazon provides a series of fast and accurate European site operation tools to help sellers solve the needs of product selection, compliance and other links, and easily expand business opportunities in Europe.

If you want to expand your business to the largest extent in multiple countries, open up the Red Sea; Multi-site operations are easy to play with...... if you have your product distributed across major sites Then the European station is your best starting point!

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