New DDP service EUEX-V to EU countries has been launched and other explanationsNotifications

Dear clients,

A new DDP services (EUEX-V) to EU countries has been launched, which is cater for the ecommerce sellers who without or still not register an IOSS number but do not want their customers to pay VAT when receiving the packages.

According to the tariff pre-payment mode of EU countries, VAT fee +2% customs clearance commission will be charged based on the standard VAT rate of each country. Please ensure that the declared amount is consistent with the actual sales amount. In case of discrepant taxes or customs fines and other expenses, our company reserves the right to reimburse the discrepant taxes or customs fines and other expenses.

Eg: a package declared value 20 EUR ship to France by our EUEX-V, except shipping fee, you will also need to pay 20%*20 EUR for VAT fee (4 euro)and 2%*20EUR for our commission fee(0.4 euro).


Important note:

1.For the following shipping channels to EU countries please fill in declared value in USD on PFC system while our system will automatically convert it into EUR at the rate of 0.838 to custom system:EURPOST, PFCEXPRESS, EUEX, EUEX-V.

Eg: sales value or declared value on your ecommerce store is 18 EUR, please fill 21.48 USD on our system, we will convert in 18 EUR and transmit to custom's declaration system.

2.For EUEX, it is required to fill in IOSS by default for system reasons, but in fact it is not required. Please feel free to input IM+10 digits in VAT No. field, you can put IM1234567890



2021-07-13 2098

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