Note: DHL Express Hong Kong Company Issues Notice of Collection of Low Declaration SurchargeNotifications

DHL Express Hong Kong issued a notice on the collection of low declaration surcharge at 405 CNY per each shipment, effective from January 1, 2020.

The notice stated: In order to facilitate the smoothly transit of goods, please be sure to correctly declare the true transaction value of the goods, and some countries will require the amount of freight insurance and other amounts.

If the customs clearance abnormal cause related fees due to the mismatch of the declared value, all costs and consequences will be borne by the sender.

It is understood that, as early as December, Cainiao Logistics of AliExpress has issued this notice to the sellers, but many sellers have not taken this notice seriously.

Due to the close of the year, the peak period of customs inspections also came. Customs inspection of shipments, especially for low-declared goods, will be more stringent. If it is determined by the customs to be a low-declaration for tax refund, the goods may be returned directly to the sender or customs holding; if low declaration times too many in customs records may be adversely affected by being pulled into a blacklist.



2020-08-07 1086

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