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4.The advantages of Amazon Japan station

As the closest mature site to China, the Japanese site has three significant advantages for Chinese sellers:

· Large volume and developed e-commerce

The third largest economy in the world, the second largest economy in Asia, one of the most developed countries in the world of e-commerce, the largest destination in Asia, with a considerable volume of e-commerce; Consumer group e-commerce shopping habits mature, high purchasing power, strength is not lost to Europe and the United States!

· Close, fast turnover, more flexible operation

Japan station enjoys unique proximity advantages, the first logistics air transport only 1 day, the fastest sea transport only 4-7 days, the preparation cycle is about half of the European and American stations, which is conducive to rapid delivery and transportation of Chinese sellers, improve the efficiency of operation and inventory management!

· Rich promotion, easy for new sellers to participate

There are many Japanese cultural festivals, strong promotional atmosphere, rich festival activities, nearly 20 large-scale promotions throughout the year, more than 10 special festival activities, and a monthly theme month promotion to help you quickly order! New sellers can also submit promotions at zero threshold and have an account manager to share additional event resources!

If you stock up, inventory pressure is large, want to achieve fast delivery; If you want money to turn around quickly and operate more efficiently; If your choice fits the buying habits of Japanese consumers, we hope to order quickly...... Then Japan station will be your choice!

5. Introduction to the advantages of Amazon's emerging sites

In addition to the three major sites in North America, Europe and Japan, the strength of emerging sites should not be underestimated, which can be called the new blue ocean of cross-border e-commerce! At present, Amazon's emerging stations are mainly Australia station, the Middle East station (Saudi Arabia station and the United Arab Emirates station), India station and Singapore station, which contain unlimited opportunities and upward space, can be described as a new treasure of sea mining. Many sellers are regenerating sales by expanding their business to new sites.

From a macro perspective, the advantages of emerging sites are:

The demographic dividend is large, and the penetration rate of e-commerce is increasing year by year;

E-commerce development potential is sufficient, the scale and income increase year by year;

Considerable profits, lower operating costs!

In addition, Amazon spares no effort to provide full link support for sellers of emerging sites:

Team support: Configure 100+ account managers and local teams to escort you!

Selection support: Provide official ITK selection guide and recommended list to help you accurately attack new sites!

Activity support: 40+ promotional activities, year-round promotion, help novice faster to achieve a breakthrough from 0 to 1 to 100!

If you are already a seller in Europe and the United States, and want to further expand your business, then the per capita consumption level and e-commerce penetration rate, language and culture are similar to Europe and the United States in Australia can not be missed, if you want to obtain higher profit margins with high customer unit price, then the development of "Tuhao" Middle East station can help you harvest a lot of profits!

6. Amazon logistics and distribution solutions

For the 19 major sites open to Chinese sellers, Amazon conducted a comprehensive evaluation and review of service providers' reputation, service capabilities and brand influence, and finally selected more than 160 local service providers in China and multinational service providers with physical offices in China.

After strict qualification review by Amazon, PFC Royal Logistics officially became Amazon SPN Logistics Service Provider (Amazon Service Provider Network). This marks that PFC Royal Logistics has been fully recognized by Amazon in terms of reputation, service ability and brand influence.

PFC Royal Logistics has been deeply engaged in cross-border e-commerce logistics for 12 years, developed many high-quality cross-border e-commerce logistics channels, accumulated logistics services for tens of thousands of Amazon sellers, and accumulated rich experience in Amazon logistics operation. For Amazon European station sellers to provide FBA head delivery, FBM self-delivery, FBA transit warehouse, Amazon return import and other comprehensive logistics solutions.

1. Amazon FBA first leg delivery

PFC Royal Logistics provides air, sea, rail, express and other direct delivery of Amazon warehouse logistics solutions, efficient direct delivery to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Singapore and other Amazon FBA warehouses, can also send other business addresses. Double clearance tax, affordable!

FBA first leg air freight

Quality flights, direct air flights, double clearance tax, affordable! Efficient direct access to Amazon FBA warehouses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Singapore, as well as other business addresses.

Stable aging, 4-8 working days to complete delivery. General goods, electric (power distribution), weak magnetic and other sensitive goods!

FBA first leg route express

DHL, UPS, FedEx three express level agents, provide high-quality and cheap DHL, UPS channels direct delivery to Amazon in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and other sites FBA warehouse.

Can receive general goods, live, weak magnetic and other goods, the whole track transparent, safe customs clearance, cost-effective, 3-7 days.

FBA head shipping

Matson/EMC/COSCO first-hand shipping resources to support FCL/LCL. Efficient customs clearance, time stability, double clearance package tax, affordable! Efficient direct access to Amazon FBA warehouses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Singapore, as well as other business addresses.

Receive general goods, electric, pure, weak magnetic sensitive goods! The time limit is as fast as 20-25 working days to complete the delivery.

2. Amazon FBM self-shipping

PFC Royal Logistics provides Amazon FBM spontaneous goods sellers with high quality and low price spontaneous goods flow services: international express, international dedicated line, warehouse delivery and return parts import and other logistics solutions.

The peak season is not warehousing, the aging is stable for 5-10 days, you can do virtual warehouse delivery, helping the seller Amazon sales season nuggets!

It can send general goods and sensitive goods (electric, pure electricity, cosmetics, adult products) to meet the logistics needs of Amazon sellers to ship the world, and the logistics timeliness and proper investment rate are leading in the industry.

3. Amazon transit warehouse delivery

PFC Royal Logistics in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, Latin America and other places have complete facilities, complete staffing of professional storage centers, for the platform sellers to provide transit warehousing, one order delivery, labeling, return processing and other comprehensive services.

One order delivery: the seller from the domestic bulk stock products sent to the overseas warehouse, and then by the overseas warehouse staff count shelves, when there is a buyer to place an order, the seller only needs to issue delivery instructions in the overseas warehouse system, the warehouse staff will achieve local delivery in foreign countries according to the instructions.

FBA warehouse transfer service: When the seller uses FBA, the simultaneous use of overseas warehouses can realize the nearby replenishment, maximize the saving of transaction costs and reduce transaction risks. In addition to FBA transit, overseas warehouses also provide sellers with warehousing quality inspection, goods shelves, inventory management, order receipt, order sorting, order review, multi-channel delivery and other services.

4. Amazon returns imports

PFC Royal Logistics provides Amazon 19 sites return processing services, overseas warehouse return for resale, returned parts imported to domestic logistics solutions!

Return and label change service: cross-border e-commerce sellers will inevitably encounter problems such as account lock, product cannot be put on the shelf, and wrong SKU labels, so overseas warehouses can provide return and exchange, label change processing, repackaging, FBA delivery services; Let the product get value again, to minimize the loss of goods.

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