What to concern about the Advanced Logistics Program on Wish?

During the COVID-19 epidemic, logistics is the top concern for most cross-border e-commerce sellers. Rated programs are rolled out by e-commerce platforms to help sellers avoid loss caused by logistics. What is Wish doing about it, and what progress does it make?

Since July 2019, Wish has launched the Advanced Logistics Program, known as A+ Logistics Program, to support order delivery to selected destination countries. The goal of the program is to improve merchant logistics and overall customer experience on Wish. Sellers simply need to deliver affected Advanced Logistics Program orders to designated warehouses within Mainland China, and Wish will cover last-mile logistics for sellers. It simplifies the workflow of sellers, and decrease the risk of shipping. With the approved tracking numbers, sellers can easily trace their items even if they are selling on a new marketplace.

Currently, Wish makes some adjustments on the program according the new situations of the COVID-19 for the sake of improved efficiency and delivery timeliness. The A+ Logistics Program will continue to expand to more destination countries. However the COVID-19 related products are not supported by the program now. If you still receive an order for such products, please do not mark it "shipped", and contact Wish support to remove the order from the program immediately. Wish is also offering support to sellers for non A+ orders with longer delivery date, and dispute cancellations caused by parcel delay. In general, the most important thing for sellers is to adjust their selling strategies accordingly to minimize their losses.



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