Do cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses need warehousing?

Does the cloud warehouse need storage? We first need to understand the cloud warehouse and warehousing separately. The two are not the same thing. Warehousing means warehouse storage of goods, which requires warehousing. Cloud warehouse is a reflection of many types of warehouses. Cloud warehouses can be included in the warehousing concept. The concept of a cloud warehouse can also do some goods warehouse storage. It can be said that the two complement each other. They can exist either side by side or independently.

The main function of a cloud warehouse is to provide a cloud-shared warehouse for cross-border e-commerce sellers. In the cooperative cloud warehouse, cross-border e-commerce sellers can send instructions through the network to complete their unique storage of goods in the cloud warehouse operation.

The cooperative cloud warehouse will constantly summarize and update the problems and experiences in storage, sorting, packing, and shipping and then optimize the whole cloud warehouse operation process and cost. Compared with ordinary warehouses, cloud warehouses ensure the correct rate of cloud warehouse operation through overall management in hardware equipment, site area, software systems, etc.

Especially in terms of hardware equipment, the cloud warehouse will be equipped with an automatic sorting machine, automatic packing and sealing machine, automatic X-ray safety detection machine, and a series of efficient automated equipment incomparable to the ordinary warehouse. With the API interface to the complete WMS system, cross-border e-commerce sellers have a clear picture of their product inventory and order status.

The emergence of cloud warehouses has primarily improved the weakness of cross-border e-commerce sellers in warehouse management and storage of goods. Cloud warehouse is an integrated online and offline operation and efficient warehouse storage. In short, cross-border e-commerce sellers are no longer for warehouse management and costs and tangled. The sending of goods has also become more accurate and efficient.

The rapid processing of goods in the cloud warehouse allows cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers to save more time. They can usually process all orders within 2-24 hours after receiving the order instruction. However, at the same time, a new problem appears: if the seller does not store the goods in the cloud warehouse, then each order needs to be purchased and shipped to the cooperative cloud warehouse, which will greatly delay the completion and delivery time of the cloud warehouse order. Especially in order quantity or during the holiday promotion, the shelves of the cooperative cloud warehouse into the warehouse also need a certain amount of time. Exceptional circumstances may appear queuing phenomenon.

In order to ensure that buyers receive their favorite goods as soon as possible, cloud warehouse provides a guarantee of rapid shipment for the delivery of their own orders. PFCShip recommends that all cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers make a certain amount of safe storage inventory based on their order volume statistics.

PFCShip helps each cooperative cross-border e-commerce seller to upgrade and transform the warehousing cloud warehouse for free.

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