What services does the China cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse provide?

The development of network trade has led to the rise of cross-border e-commerce, accompanied by the substantial substitution of cross-border cloud warehouses. Cross-border cloud warehouse makes many cross-border e-commerce sellers love it because it has only two advantages: fast delivery time and short order processing time, which puts it in the front position in the link exposure ranking of similar products.

Cross-border cloud warehouse is roughly divided into two categories: cross-border cloud warehouse overseas warehouse and cross-border cloud warehouse storage.

Literally, it is not difficult to understand that the country where the cross-border cloud warehouse is located determines whether it is an overseas warehouse outside the country. Generally speaking, if the product is relatively single and the order is stable, it is possible to batch stock to the overseas warehouse of the country where the target market is located, which can significantly shorten the order delivery time, typically representing Amazon FBA warehouse.

If the product categories are many, the orders are more scattered and not concentrated. Then, choosing a cross-border cloud warehouse storage company in the local cooperation is recommended to improve their efficiency while reducing unnecessary personnel and site expenses. A typical representative is PFCShip.

Then, what services can China cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse provide?

1: Regular warehousing and storage of goods for cross-border e-commerce sellers. PFCShip provides a 60-day rent-free period. After choosing a cross-border cloud warehouse to store goods, there is no need for cross-border e-commerce sellers to pay any storage fee if there is no accident. At the same time, the 60-day rent-free period also constantly reminds shippers of the need for quick turnaround and ensures the regular retention rate of goods.

2: Sellers can have more time to focus on the growth of order sales. Because of the lack of personnel management costs for self-built warehouses and the related miscellaneous expenses generated by the venue, cross-border e-commerce sellers have enough time and funds for promotion. As a result, they have more time to focus on sales growth.

3: Complete WMS order management system docking. Only a WMS that can interface with the platform operated by cross-border e-commerce sellers or the ERP system used can be called one-click order processing. The processing status of processing orders can be viewed online in real-time, which makes it a standard and intelligent cloud warehouse.

4: Safe and secure delivery. As small as one delivery piece, as large as thousands of pieces are inseparable from the supervision of an experienced operation management process. The goods corresponding to the order are accurately, safely, quickly sorted, and packed to complete the delivery.

The above are the basic services that cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses can provide. It is believed that some large-scale cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage companies will provide more services. For example, PFCShip, through its own international logistics experience, will recommend the use of the logistics delivery channel with the best time and cost according to the products of the cooperative cross-border sellers.

PFCShip is willing to share its international logistics experience with each of its partner cross-border e-commerce sellers. For more information, please visit our website at www.parcelfromchina.com.

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