Notice on the new VAT tax policy for UK Brexit

From January 1, 2021, the UK officially leaves the European Union and applies a new VAT policy for all goods imported into the UK.

1. The concept of DDP channel will be abolished for all special lines of products to the UK from 0 o 'clock on December 31, 2020 (China time), and taxes will not be levied in advance for all channels. Please note that all special channels of our company to the UK only accept parcels worth 0-135 pounds. And declaration of other services such as express, FBA are the same as before.

2. In accordance with the general rules issued by The UK Customs, there is no need for the logistics provider and import customs clearance agent to verify whether the customer has paid the tax. The responsibility will be transferred to the platform and the independent sellers themselves. But in order to be able to prevent a case, in case of overseas inspection when asked to provide relevant information, we strongly recommend, when you deliver the goods, you should also provide us with the following information: VAT tax number /EORI number, HS CODE and sales order number. Please note that the above information is not required. (The optional fields will be set on our system when you create orders after 31st Dec,2020)

3. After the implementation of the new policy, if the seller fails to register VAT and make VAT declaration in advance, which results in delay and inspection in the local customs clearance in the UK, the seller shall bear its own responsibility. If the customs request more information to assist the import customs clearance, our company will take the initiative to contact the seller, then please actively cooperate with the seller.

4. As the Eu tax policy continues to be followed in Northern Ireland, the sellers who send goods to Northern Ireland through our Company's special lines services should pay attention that the tax is exempt for less than 15 pounds, and the recipient will pay the tax for more than 15 pounds (the system will directly deduct the sender before). Through DDU channel, we will not collect the tax in advance.The guidelines are also in line with the first point in this series of measures, which is that The DDP concept will be abolished for the UK special lines and all channels will no longer be taxed in advance. Please pay attention.



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