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Malaysia Customs Overview

No matter whether an individual or a business entity engages in the import of goods in Malaysia, it must pay import duties and Other taxes. Import taxes and fees are all calculated based on the value of the shipment, which is the CIF. The import tax of a specific commodity is a fee levied at a certain rate based on the sum of the CIF price and the unloading fee. Some commodities are measured in units of measurement, such as weight and volume. At the same time, imported goods are also subject to value added tax, and some goods are subject to consumption tax.

Malaysia Customs Tariff

Malaysia's tariff rate is between 0% and 50%, with an average tariff rate of 5.74%. Certain goods are exempt from customs duties, such as laptops, electric guitars and other electronics.

Malaysian Customs Value Added Tax - GST

GST = standard VAT tax rate 10% × (CIF price + tariff + some applicable consumption tax). Certain products can enjoy a preferential VAT rate of 0-5%. Business tax is sometimes levied on a volume basis, such as unit liters and unit kilograms.

Malaysia Customs Starting Point

The value of imported goods (CIF price) does not exceed MYD500, and is exempted from customs duties. The exception is tobacco and alcohol products imported from the United States. There are no thresholds for VAT and GST in Malaysia.


Consumption tax can be levied on an ad valorem basis. Such as unit liter, unit liter alcohol, unit kilogram, unit stick (cigarette). The specific product consumption tax rate is calculated as follows: 10% -105.0% 0.1 $ -34 $ / liter 22.5 $ -42.5 $ / liter alcohol 0.22 $ / piece 7.5 $ / kg-220 $ / kg.

Where the recipient holds tax-free If the certificate needs to apply for duty-free import, it must be clearly stated on the delivery list (preferably also on the waybill) and the shipping agent must be clearly notified before shipment, so as to inform the local arrangements.

Malaysia's import tariff system: As a member of the World Trade Organization, Malaysia's tariff level is generally low. Although the tariff rate of most items is below 25%, the value range of the tariff rate is very wide. Tariffs on basic foods are very low, not exceeding 5%. The average tax rate for major goods is about 5%. Tax rates for intermediate products and transportation equipment average below 20%. The tax rate for consumer goods is higher, some as high as 60%. The tariff rate of high-priced motor vehicles is higher than 100%. In all, only 91 of its approximately 600 imported items have tariff rates exceeding 50%



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