Shopify offers a chat tool that it says has a 70% conversion rate

Shopify has officially launched its new chat platform, Shopify Inbox, to help merchants communicate directly with customers in a simpler way to boost sales.

Shopify Inbox unifies Shopify's existing chat tools and can be bound to third-party chat platforms and tools. The platform is free to use, but the client is currently only available for download on the iPhone and iPad. According to Shopify, merchants chat directly with their customers through the Shopify Inbox, and 70 percent of those customers turn into buyers.

A Shopify spokesman said businesses had started using chat "as a primary driver of sales" as business prioritised an online model during the outbreak. The Shopify Inbox integrates Ping and Shopify Chat and can be bundled with Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat to bring together messages from online stores, email, and social media. Merchants can centrally receive and respond to messages from customers across these platforms in Shopify Chat, and in the future, there are plans to support Instagram binding in Shopify Inbox.

Arpan Podduturi, Shopify's head of retail and apps products, calls the Shopify Inbox "the biggest update to Shopify's conversational commerce product in over a year." Shopify Inbox will help many entrepreneurs find new ways to connect with buyers and innovate in business, he said.

Shopify Inbox allows Shopify merchants to chat with customers using SMS or email and share product links and custom discount codes to increase sales. The tool also lets merchants learn about the contents of a customer's shopping cart while chatting with them.

In addition to direct chat, Shopify Inbox allows merchants to create automated messages and use saved quick responses, such as creating quick replies and FAQs to answer customers' frequently asked questions. It also automatically sends status updates to buyers, helping merchants save more time serving customers.

Shopify Inbox also provides merchants with data analysis capabilities to help merchants better understand their business and make more sales, such as merchants can use different metrics to understand the effectiveness of chat. In the near future, Shopify Inbox plans to roll out a new feature that will allow merchants to automatically categorize chats by topic and identify those that are likely to lead to sales.



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