Canada Shopify acquired warehousing and fulfillment company 6RiverSystems

Shopify, a multi-channel business technology platform in Canada, recently announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire 6 River Systems for about $450 million. 6 River Systems is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA and is a collaborative warehouse fulfillment solution specialist.

Shopify said in a statement that the company launched the Shopify Fulfillment Network in June this year, a powerful and trusted fulfillment network that ensures timely delivery, reduced shipping costs, and offers exceptional excellent experience for merchants and their customers.The acquisition is a key step in accelerating the company's growth, and 6 River Systems can continue to create and sell warehouse solutions.

With the acquisition of 6 River Systems, Shopify will add a team of experienced engineers in fulfillment software and robotics, including senior leaders from the Kiva system (now Amazon Robotics). Adding 6 River Systems' cloud software and collaborative mobile robot Chuck to the Shopify fulfillment network will increase the speed and reliability of warehouse operations.

6 River Systems co-founder and CEO said that after joining Shopify, the company will innovate the way of fulfillment. The two companies will help thousands of companies improve their fulfillment business and improve productivity and accuracy through easy-to-learn and easy-to-use solutions.

Shopify, which is dedicated to serving more than 800,000 businesses worldwide, will invest $1 billion to build a nationwide track-and-trade network to provide SME customers with a two-day delivery service to compete with Amazon.

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