How to operate Dropshipping mode on Shopify? China Shopify fulfillment service

The most common way to operate a Dropshipping dropshipping model on Shopify is to find a Chinese Fulfillment Dropshipping supplier (China is the world's largest manufacturer of products), and the best supplier to find has a dedicated APP in the Shopify application. You can easily hand over all your orders to the supplier for processing.

For Shopify exclusive auxiliary service. PFC Ship is recommended. A market application jointly developed by PFC Ship and Shopify, the purpose of PFC Ship is to help the majority of Shopify sellers to use the APP to easily put their products on the shelves, and the remaining warehousing, sorting and sending products to buyers are all by PFC Ship to be completed. The APP also supports one-click importing of orders, one-click uploading of other platform products and many other functions.

Once a Shopify seller has a buyer who purchases a product and generates an order, you can complete the buyer's order through the PFC ShipAPP. The good news is that PFC Ship automatically optimizes the entire process. As a Shopify seller, you only need to confirm the details (product SKU and shipping address), click the send button in the PFC Ship background, and the product will be sent directly to buyers around the world by PFC Ship.

How does the dropshipping model make money for Shopify sellers?

Generally speaking, the model for sellers to make money is to earn the difference between selling products. Case in point: A football that sells for $30 may cost as little as $5. Minus shop order payment fees you may incur and shipping costs to send the item. The rest is your profit. It's that simple.

In this process, if there is no cooperative Fulfillment supplier, you will be required to participate in the whole process from the moment the order is generated.

1.After the order is generated, find the corresponding product according to the order (may need to do a lot of inventory).

2.Quality inspection and packaging of products(Some products may require secondary packaging to protect the product).

3.Find a suitable shipping method to send it (usually require low shipping cost and fast speed).

4.The buyer may need to communicate with the post office if there is a problem during the transportation of the product purchased by the buyer (will waste a lot of time).

5.After the buyer confirms that the product is correct, the order is completed.

Pick the right product for you to put on the shelves and market it through social media and ADS, the most common channels include search engine marketing (SEM), display advertising, social media advertising and mobile advertising. You pay the cost of time and money to help potential buyers find reviews and buy your product. Promoting the generation of orders is the most time-consuming and energy-consuming operation in all links.

But a busy existing order process can leave you with no time to facilitate new orders.

Now, if you have selected PFC Ship as your partner dropshipping provider. Because PFC Ship will help you solve all the operations after the order is generated. You will completely liberate your time and energy to promote the marketing effect of your store.

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