Shipping From China to UK With Fastest and Best China Fulfillment Services

Warehousing and distribution services from China,Key Dropshipping is our all-In-One Dropshipping Platform That Helps You Source & Ship Anything From China!

PFC Logistics has a modern warehouse which is about 80,00 square meters and at the excellent geographical location. Meanwhile, it has reasonable layout, multi-functions and advanced storage device.Your goods will be kept well by our experienced administrator.

We insure that your goods will be under our supervision in 24 hours. As we work in a systematic way, your goods will be processed properly and efficiently. In order to modernize, normalize and standardize our customer services,we has developed an advanced warehouse management system which can strengthen our production management and operation.

We can also receive in CSV file format by email or by uploading to the WMS for processing. Orders can also be created manually in our system.We have created our services to provide you with the best end-to-end order fulfillment solutions available from China.

Founded in 2012, based on Shenzhen and radiating to the whole world, PFC provides professional comprehensive online goods processing solutions for global cross-border logistics and transportation users, with international express services as the main body, and provides supply chain ecosystem with a variety of customized value-added service solutions for brand customers.

Shipping From China to UK

PFC fully understands the cross-border logistics and transportation needs of Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Alibaba, Shopify, Wish, Etsy, independent station sellers and B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers and foreign trade shipments in the UK.At a low price lower than the average market transport cost, the highly cost-effective UK special line cross-border transport channels are launched.

For the UK special line , its cloud warehouse integrates quality air transport source and British local head express company. The delivery is responsible by Royal Mail, Yodel, and Hermes. There is a high quality international logistics double clearance special line from the mainland / Hong Kong to the UK.  It can issue general goods, textiles, products with battery, mobile power supply, pure battery products, e-cigarettes and other goods.

The advantages of the UK special line as follows:

High effectiveness

Because of the characteristics of special line transportation, its transportation time limit is 2-7 days, calculated from the time when PFC delivers items. It takes 2 days at least to reach the major cities in the UK and sign for it.

Complete information

When the goods are sent out, a tracking number is randomly generated, which can track the logistics information throughout the whole process. It can be inquired at 17track.


The time limit of the special line is stable. It will be tracked until the it is delivered properly. The proper delivery rate reaches 99.99%. Goods from personal clothes and shoes to tea snacks can be safely sent through the special line.

Green Business' cooperation with Royal Mail Royalmail has greatly improved the customs clearance capacity of goods, further improving the efficiency of customs clearance.

The service launched by PFC Cloud Warehouse can be provided for one-stop free storage, receiving, sorting, packaging and packaging. According to the requirements of buyers, special packaging special reinforcement service can be provided. After completing the packaging, the airline will take charge of its multinational transportation and direct flight to the UK.

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