How Cross-border e-commerce sellers Shipping from China to the US?

Shipping from China to the US is an international logistics services such as sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation, warehousing, customs declaration and insurance, relying on its geography, economy, policy, trade and other environment advantages. Among them, Guangzhou's export to the United States is the main logistics form of American special line, which provides convenient logistics form for domestic companies to export foreign exchange and import of international raw materials, advanced equipment and high-end products.

As the hub of import and export transactions, in the American express special line transportation, domestic manufacturers and import and export companies must go through the customs supervision, and obtain effective customs clearance documents so that they can be released.

PFC specializes in providing high-quality, affordable, efficient and stable international express delivery services for international cross-border e-commerce export companies, foreign traders and individual sellers. Business mainly covers the international commercial express, international EMS, postal international small package, postal international large package, international E postal delivery, international special line, overseas warehouse / amazon FBA head double clearance package, etc. Various mainstream international express delivery channels fully meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers in general goods, electronic products, pure battery products, cosmetics, food, documents, books and other goods logistics demand.

PFC is the first-level agent of DHL and other famous international express companies such as UPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. Since it has the first-hand high-quality delivery channel, the receiving price is as low as 2.4-4 percent discount of the official price, and the price is open and transparent without any hidden fees.

Relying on the US government's customs clearance company, PFC has developed a cross-border collection line to the United States. Mailing items include (built-in batteries and textile goods), with cheap price but comprehensively high price performance. Track the information throughout the process, let you always pay attention to the shipping state of the package.

The Sino-US special line is a fast and economical air plus express service developed by PFC integrating quality air routes and the United States Post. The parcels arrange direct flights from Hong Kong to the United States and are delivered to the United States Post (USPS) after customs clearance. Time limit is fast and stable, and highly cost-effective.

After a long period of data accumulation and analysis, the Sino-US special line launched by PFC reach a service time limit that enable packages to be signed and accepted within 7-10 days.

PFC's service can provide one-stop free storage, receiving, sorting, and packaging. According to the requirements of buyers, special reinforcement of outer packaging services can be offered. After packaging, it will be delivered to the airline multinational transportation for direct flight to the United States.

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