Choices for shipping from China to Japan

Nowadays, shipping parcels from China towards Japan is becoming more and more convenient with various shipping methods. Sellers can choose their preferred ones according to the shipping time and postage involved. Below are three examples.

FedEx, one of the largest package delivery companies, has the most advantage in shipping time which committed to 5 business days. However, its postage would be higher than others.

International EMS is very favorable in price without dimensional weight which in a row is suitable for shipping clothes etc. The expenditure of buying one new dress may be comparative with shipping over ten orders. But the shipping time is longer than express, which usually takes around 7 business days.

Japan Post air mail is also applicable for parcels below 15kg with low tax.

Normally, there are three ways to transfer parcels to Japan.

1. Transfer by Taobao official channel

It's cheap but with many restrictions. If all products are supplied by Taobao, sellers can choose to transfer by Taobao, and ship to Taobao fulfillment warehouse for combine shipping. It saves shipping fee and also the trouble of packaging. The most defect lies in that Taobao does not allow any sensitive products, such as food, cosmetics, disk, electronics or products with international brands and logos.

2. Transfer by post office

It's expansive but with many restrictions. Post office is the dominant way to transfer international parcels in the past as there are no better alternatives. At present, things are different when users pay more attention to efficiency, and post office are gradually replaced. Users are reluctant to select post office for international shipping for the postage is usually very high and there is no pick up service. They have to lift their products no matter the weight, and postman would check the products one by one.

3. Transfer by third party logistics

It's fast with fewer restrictions and better service. Sellers can transfer their products to third party logistics for international shipping, or ask their online vendors to ship the products directly to third party logistics.

Compared with Taobao official channel, the quote of third party logistics is lower, and final postage will be decreased when products are packaged together without domestic shipping packaging. Moreover, cosmetics, foods, medical products and other sensitive products could be shipped by special couriers. Here's to remember, the application procedure and expenditure as well as postage varies from different couriers.

In a word, shipping towards Japan with international express service is no longer as difficult as before. As long as you've found a reliable logistic company, they would guide you to prepare your documents and complete the later procedure on your behalf.



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