Pinterest has taken multiple measures to promote e-commerce sellers to enter the platform

Pinterest recently expanded its suite of merchant tools to help e-commerce sellers of all sizes get on the platform, introducing proven merchant plans in different regions, as well as store tagging and product tagging capabilities.

The updated profile extends the functionality of store tabs, allowing merchants to convert their store tabs into store information that includes store updates by category, specialty, and store trends.

The updated product labeling function allows merchants to add labels to the product map and link to products available for purchase, stimulating users to convert their immediate interest into buying behavior. When users close images with tagged products, they will be able to see product details.

Pinterest has already started a proven merchant program with a number of retailers, and sellers interested in signing up for the program can learn more at

"People shop at Pinterest all the time -- they use Pinterest to discover new ideas and actively think about what to do or buy to make those ideas a reality," says Dan Lurie, head of global shopping products at Pinterest. We want to provide an easy and fast shopping experience that helps users find the right product for them and ensures that they can make a reliable choice from reputable merchants." .

The data shows that when Pinterest users bookmark their favorite ideas and products in the app, they are more than seven times more likely to buy those products soon after than to buy general items. Pinterest has therefore introduced a shopping list feature that allows users to make purchases with one click later. Pinterest users are notified when their favorites drop in price. The shopping list feature was launched first in the US and UK, and will be followed in Australia, Canada, France and Germany.

In addition, Pinterest has expanded in-app shopping to Australia, Canada, France and Germany, giving users the opportunity to search for purchases directly through Pinterest. Pinterest users will be able to see customised recommendations, ranging from fashion trends to expert advice, based on their behaviour as they shop.



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