Parcel from China:One-stop Cross-Border eCommerce Warehousing and Logistics Solution

PFC Logistics provides one-stop professional cloud warehouse warehousing services for cross-border e-commerce customers who need export goods. The services provided include but are not limited to e-commerce background system docking, delivery marking and obtaining order printing address labels, free cloud warehouse warehousing services (60 days), quality inspection and quantity verification of goods arriving in the warehouse, one-piece delivery, Follow the instructions to split and reorganize the goods and packages or make multiple combinations, one-click sorting and packaging of goods, posting orders, and recommending the safest, most economical and fast PFC preferred logistics channel.

In addition, personalized and customizable value-added services have also been added to meet the needs of our customers. PFC is committed to serving global cross-border e-commerce platform sellers (shopify, shopyy, shopee, Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, wish, magento, Walmart, wix, Etsy, shopline, Costco, cdiscount, joom, coupang, to provide a full chain logistics supply chain services. At the same time, it satisfies the overseas order transportation of offline factories in traditional trade, the start and landing of overseas crowdfunding projects, and the cargo consolidation, transshipment and agency services of overseas dropshipping traders.

The success of PFC's modern one-stop cloud warehouse warehouse management is inseparable from advanced informatization and refined management and electronic fully automated sorting equipment. Among them, the powerful WMS warehouse management system can directly connect with the mainstream e-commerce platforms (ebay aliexpress, etc.) backstage, and can also perfectly connect with the mainstream third-party ERP e-commerce sales management systems on the market.

PFC warehousing and logistics solutions

1: After the cross-border e-commerce seller confirms the goods, they can contact the supplier to directly deliver the goods to PFC (door-to-door delivery is available in Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Dongguan, and Yiwu). If the supplier chooses a logistics transportation company, a cross-border e-commerce is required. A real and valid tracking number provided by the seller to PFC.

2: After the goods arrive at PFC, PFC will scan and register the goods, and conduct simple quality inspection of the goods according to the requirements of cross-border e-commerce sellers. After confirmation, PFC will classify the goods according to the characteristics of the goods and put them on the shelves for storage.

3: When the cross-border e-commerce seller generates an order, PFC will carry out the picking and distribution service for the order according to the received order details. After the picking is completed, the order will be integrated and packaged. In order to ensure that the goods can be protected to a certain extent during the transportation process.

4: After the goods are packed, PFC will recommend the most suitable cross-border logistics and transportation service channels according to the characteristics, size, volume, weight and other factors of the goods. To meet the requirements of cross-border e-commerce sellers for transportation costs, timeliness and safety to the greatest extent.

5: PFC also provides 60-day free storage for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

6: Safe and guaranteed delivery.From one piece to tens of thousands, it is inseparable from the supervision of an experienced operation management process. Accurately, safely and quickly sort and package the goods corresponding to the order to complete delivery.

7: Value-added and after-sales service.In addition to the above services, PFC also provides additional value-added services according to the needs of e-commerce companies and sellers, such as: customization of product packaging, printing and posting of SKU labels, detailed product quality inspection and logo design, etc.

The above are the basic services that cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses can provide. I believe that large-scale cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage companies will provide more services. For example, PFC, through its own international logistics experience, will recommend and use the logistics delivery channel with the best time-sensitive cost based on the products of the cooperative cross-border sellers.

Parcel from China


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