What are the international line can Parcel from China cross-border cloud warehouse use to deliver?

Cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse is relatively familiar to most cross-border e-commerce sellers or Dropshipping operators. As we all know, the general process of cross-border cloud warehouse is from warehouse entry verification to shelving, sorting and packaging of orders after they are placed, and then sending out the goods. But what cross-border transport channels are used to send the goods? How about the time limit? Are the highly rated international lines available?

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, it is crucial to find a suitable logistics channel. For the logistics channels that have been used and have a good impression, under normal circumstances, the seller will not easily replace them, because if the replaced channels are not very well understood, they may not be able to accurately predict the time, safety and possible problems, which will affect the time commitment made when the order is generated.

PFCShip(Parcel from China)fully understands the importance of cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers' use of reliable logistics channels, and further investigates and strengthens the range of logistics options at the end of PFCShip's warehousing service. When PFCShip selects logistics channels, it will give priority to the suggested channels of cooperative cross-border sellers. In this way, the use of PFCShip can be more assured and recognized.

PFCShip integrates high quality logistics resources, and constantly improves and improves, thus launching more than 20 high-quality direct and highly efficient special line logistic channels to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America and other regions, providing the cross-border business and export foreign trade business with international special line logistics solutions of cost effectiveness, high stability, fast time efficiency, diversification and individuation.

PFCShip currently offers international lines respectively such as the Sino-US special line, US special line of US, Canadian special line, European special line, British special line, the German lines, Polish lines, Spanish special line, Italian special line, Brazilian small parcel special line, Australian special line, Japanese special line,Russian special line and other international aviation logistics lines, fully meeting the free choice need of cross-border e-commerce sellers.

In addition, PFCShip has also made certain optimization for certain special cargo transportation channels. For example, PFCShip has launched pure electric small package dedicated line for battery goods. Special line has been launched for liquid goods such as cosmetics, perfume, nail polish, and bubble goods special line has been launched for large volume goods such as paintings, arts and crafts, and fixed products without any volume.

With the support of these international cross-border special line channels, PFCShip's service has been improved once again and a limited time with 60 days of free storage, one package delivery, free use of WMS, and real-time inventory update have been launched, making efficient management visible.

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