Parcel from China:Best e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Service From China

Every successful e-Commerce businesses have one thing in common, and that is excellent fulfillment services. Even if you have a great website and high-quality products, you can’t become one of the top e-Commerce companies without organized fulfillment services.

e-Commerce fulfillment service is not an easy task to proceed with. Yet, it is a crucial element of your success in online retail. That is why choosing the best e-Commerce order fulfillment service is vital.

Order fulfillment service by PFC

e-Commerce fulfillment service is at the core of meeting today’s customer expectations. Online brands will be left behind, and customers will go elsewhere if they can’t get the delivery service they were expecting.

PFC international fulfillment services allow businesses to deliver their products quickly with a minimum of expenses. Its fulfillment centers make inventory management easier and help your e-Commerce company to purchase more items.

Shopify order fulfillment

For numerous e-Commerce businesses, Shopify integration is an essential factor while choosing the most suitable fulfillment service company. That is why PFC offers an automatic Shopify fulfillment service.

Its Shopify fulfillment service makes online store managing processes a lot easier. PFC collects packages at global fulfillment centers, then packs and ships your Shopify orders as they come in.

We work with you to provide shipping and warehousing fulfillment services tailored especially to your businesses exact needs. From start-up e-commerce businesses to large established International companies, we aim to provide simple and effective fulfillment solutions for you. By using PFC fulfillment service, you can sync your shopify/opencart/woocommerce/magento etc shopping cart with PFC fulfillment app easily. At the same time, orders, tracking numbers, inventory management can be synced with just on click.

Be relaxed: We automatically fulfill your orders with 99.9% accuracy on the same day

Be informed: We will provide a daily inventory report

Save money: We grant complimentary storage space month

Shipping solutions by PFC

e-Commerce shipping means the delivery methods you use for your online customers, which also includes how much you charge for the service. Your shipping options will depend on where you’re shipping from, where your customers are located, the type of products you sell, the delivery speed you want to offer, and so on. However, every e-Commerce company agrees that shipping solution is one of the crucial factors for a successful business.

With a helpful shipping service, you can avoid costly shipping expenses and improve your transit performance. PFC offers various shipping solutions to help you organize your shipments and maximize their value.

The working process of PFC is clear and simple. In the first stage, sellers will notify the company what kind of products they sell, and the PFC will help them supply the end of the factory. After that, the online orders will come through the API to PFC’s system, and the fastest operational team will fulfill the orders within 24 hours.

At PFC Logistics Solutions, we take great care in choosing qualified staff for our pick and pack operation as each individual is first trained, then monitored for both accuracy and efficiency.

Our pick and pack processes at our order fulfillment center are covered by our strict quality systems so procedures are in place to ensure accurate picking and packing.

Flexibility becomes extremely important when you are picking and packing a wide variety of product types that come in all shapes and sizes, and with SKU counts ranging from 1 to 500 !

Your stock can be called off for single orders, small consignments, or bulk shipments, and we have storage options to handle a variety of stock sizes.

As order pickers use the system to pull appropriate items and quantities the packing department serves as the second QC check as every order receives 100% Quality Control verification.

Finally, with the help of PFC, you can establish a solid relationship with the top shipping companies and increase customer satisfaction with a high-class shipping service.

Parcel from China


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