How to choose China Warehousing service provider,ecommerce fulfillment service in China

Parcel From China (PFC)Logistics is a top 3PL company in China, that can offer warehouse consolidation, order fulfillment and international shipping service for global Ecommerce brands.

PFC Express have created our services to provide you with the best end-to-end order fulfillment solutions available from China.

Focused on ecommerce sellers specific needs, we offer a variety of services that include; dedicated fulfillment center, fast and efficient multi-channel shipping options, Worldwide Amazon FBA Shipping Service, warehouse management system (WMS), a virtual address in China, customized branding and kitting as well as other tailored services.

Think of us as your in-house logistics team. You just need to care the other issues, except logistics.

Having PFC, you'll get:

No MOQ limit. Seamless integration.

Visible inventory tracking. 24/7 support.

Customized packing. Keep your own branding.

Multi channels fulfillment. 1 day fulfilled.

Discount shipping rates. 2-4 days ship globally.

Flexible capacity. Convenient return handling

Warehouse Consolidation

Consolidate in China warehouse from different suppliers.

The warehouse is near suppliers, so it is quick to pick up goods to add the inventory and convenient to return the goods to them to repair or change, if needed.

Both B2B transship/stored warehouse, and B2C drop ship collection warehousing can be provided.

Our warehousing service includes 3 main steps:

1. We contact the manufactures on behalf of you to communicate the delivery details.

We can even help you pay them, or finish the sourcing and purchase, if needed, in this step.

Language, time, and culture are our advantages to communicate with them.

2.We pick up the goods from manufactures to our warehouse.

The goods can be picked up no matter where the manufactures are in China.

3.We collect the goods in our warehouse, store them and report the inventory data to you.

We have E-commerce warehouse, general/bonded transship warehouse. And there are different warehouses and different locations, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Yiwu and Shanghai, which can guarantee the flexibility.

China's warehouse is closer to the suppliers/factories/manufactures, so it is more convenient to transship the goods from/to them, if needed.

Orders Fulfillment

Pick, pack, ship. Done within 1 day.

Flexible space and staffs, especially in peak season.

It's a smart option to outsource your fulfillment issues to 3PL, when your orders quantity become big.

The customized, eco friendly, or your logo included, packing materials can be used upon your request.

The crowdfounding, FBM and D2C, (based on Shopify, etc) ecommerce dropshipping service can all be offered in our China fulfillment centers.

Our E-commerce fulfillment services includes 5 main steps:

1. Your e-store orders data transferred to our fulfillment center warehouse.

2. We sort out the suitable SKU product.

3. We pick and pack the product by new carton/bag.

4. We print and stick the related label.

5. We prepare the cartons/parcels in our warehouse for next shipping arrangement.

International Shipping

B2C dropshipping and B2B cargos whole shipment can be arranged both, as your best freight forwarder partner in China.

Different shipping options provider, like post, express, air and sea way can be offered upon your specific situation.

For dropshipping, the parcels will be delivered from China to your worldwide customer's hand directly. While for B2B shipment, it'll be transported to your designated warehouses, including FBA warehouses.

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