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Parcel from China (PFC Express)  is one of the leading logistics and fulfillment service company based in Shenzhen, China. We are very experienced in cross-border E-Commerce industry for customers who selling made-in China products and to satisfy customers for cost saving in storage room, efficient order management, API Integration support etc. We aim to providing our customers a comprehensive logistics solution, which enables them only need to focus on growing their business.

As a leading freight forwarding company, PFC has rich experience shipping all kinds of goods from China by sea, air and railway. We provide very competitive shipping rates and can deliver your goods worldwide. We have a professional and efficient team that will handle all your shipments from China. Just ask for a quick quote, whether you are already our client or not, we will be available online 24/7 to support your business.

Door to door shipping terms means to ship goods from your supplier to your warehouse or home directly.

PFC has rich experience to handle door to door shipment goods from China to the world by sea and by air, we offer the best shipping rates for any kinds of shipment goods, and we are very familiar with paperwork and documents customs need.

When it comes to Shipping Door to Door, PFC can deliver your cargo safe, on time, with the competitive freight cost. PFC is the specialist that will help you choose the right service for your shipments.

Who Ships with us?

Importers & Exporters

We provide very competitive shipping rates for all the goods you purchased in China. You will get them safe and on time. Additionally, we provide a 20-30-day free warehouse service, product classification, and customs clearance.

Global Freight Forwarders

We have a good relationship with many shipping companies and airlines therefore we can get the best prices and stable space from them. We will be online 24/7 to support you.

PFC Will Provide You Best Shipping Solution

Sea Freight

We cover all global shipping lines, they offer us competitive rates, and stable space. With many shipping line companies, you can choose bulk-cargo ship, roll-on/roll-off ship, OOG service, and chartered ships.

Air Freight

Competitive air shipping rates and professional service. Many airline companies for you to choose from, for off-gauge goods shipping services.

Pickup & Delivery

We can arrange the pick-up and trucking service, anytime, in any city of China.

Shipping To FBA

If you are selling on Amazon and need to find a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder to ship your goods from China, then PFC will be your best choice.We ship from China to Amazon FBA. Two boats a week for your LCL shipments, 5 boats a week for your FCL shipments, and a daily flight for your air shipments.

PFC has very much experience for shipping from China to Amazon FBA and will save all your time and money. You just focus on your marketing and sales, leave your shipment to us.

We can consolidate your goods from different suppliers in China and arrange the pickup, repackaging, Labeling and more.

Whether you need to ship from China to US FBA warehouse, UK FBA warehouse, Germany FBA warehouse, India FBA warehouse, Australia FBA warehouse or any FBA warehouse in Any country, PFC can always handle all related work.


PFC provides long time free warehouse service, we have vast experience in container loading, and making sure your goods are safe, while you are saving money.

Several China warehouse locations.

30 days of using China warehouse for free for all clients.

Inventory and quality control.

Consolidate shipping options at PFC warehouses.

Additional custom packaging and repackaging.

Comprehensive item labeling.

Photos and videos of items at PFC warehouses.

Professional custom Clearance Service

Our professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth. They provide an accurate product classification, handle all the paperwork, are always up to date with Chinese customs policy, and have a good relationship with customs officers in China.

PFC warehousing preferred logistics, its own more than 10 years of international logistics experience in intelligent optimization. To meet the requirements of timeliness, cost and safety of each category of goods, and recommend the most suitable international logistics channels.

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