Evident increase on C2C parcel volume at Finland Post during the COVID-19 epidemic

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Finland Post has seen an evident increase on C2C parcel volume. From the statistics published by Finland Post and Finland auction website Tori.fi, C2C parcel volume increased by 70% compared with that from the same period of last year.

Finns continue to stay at home and sold their unused products online. Compared with May from last year, the usage of auction website increased by 30%. On May 17, Tori makes a new record by receiving 1.5 millions hits and 20,000 orders.

Tori.fi Chief Marketing Officer Laura Kuusela said, "The purchase increase is very pleasing last year, and it speeds up during the epidemic. This is a good thing for the environment. When people buy on second hand product, one new product is deducted from production and purchase." On 2019, over 2.6 millions clothes and shoes are sold at Tori which reduced 17,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Moreover, in order to develop zero-emissions e-commerce logistics continually, Finland Post would adopt reusable Neste MY diesel on their light transport fleet. The establishment of a sustainable e-commerce ecosystem is critical, and the use of renewable fuels is the fastest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from e-commerce logistics.

By using renewable Neste MY diesel, Finland Post can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 3.8 million kilograms per year. Finland Post’s goal is to achieve zero emissions from its own business operations by 2030. The use of renewable Neste MY diesel is a concrete and direct step towards this goal. Finnish Post is currently looking for alternative fuel conversion methods for the network of transportation partners.



2020-08-07 809

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