Searches soar 474% as Etsy releases spring/summer 2021 accessories trends

Etsy recently released its Spring/Summer 2021 Accessories Trends Report.

Etsy reports that searches on its platform between February and April show a new trend for vintage clothing accessories, with searches for summer accessories increasing dramatically, suggesting that the season is here and fairies are looking for something beautiful.

Searches for things like chunky rings for accessories increased by 474%, while plaid rings were also popular. Searches for summer accessories, such as string pearls and Daisy necklaces, are particularly popular among young girls, with searches for Daisy items increasing 124%.

Hair accessories such as grips, headbands, headbands and hairpins have also become popular recently, with headbands and headbands increasing by 104% and 82% respectively.

Etsy will charge regulatory operating fees to the following countries

More recently, Etsy has released announcements about countries in Europe. According to the announcement, a new digital services tax enacted in Europe earlier in 2020 has increased Etsy's operating costs in many European countries as a result of new regulations.

To make up for Etsy's growing costs in those countries, starting July 1, Etsy will charge sellers in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey a regulatory operating fee that can be seen on their payment accounts.

According to Etsy, the new fee is based on the displayed price of each product plus the shipping charges, which include gift wrapping and personalization fees. It is worth noting that, in some cases, the regulatory operating fees will be subject to VAT.

It is reported that the amount of supervision and management fees charged for each order is not much. For example, a UK seller who sold a ?25 product had a supervisory handling fee of only 6p on his payment account.

Etsy says it hopes that by charging the fee to reduce operating costs, Etsy will also be able to continue to support a wide range of sellers. For more detailed information about the supervision of operating fees, the seller can log in the seller account for further understanding.

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