With more than 1.4 million monthly visitors, Worten is the most popular e-commerce platform in Portugal

The most popular e-commerce platform in Portugal in June this year was Worten.

Worten was the most popular e-commerce platform in Portugal during the month of June, according to a survey conducted by Marktest.

According to the data, Worten had the highest PC coverage of any platform in Portugal in June, with 1.421 million users, or 16.6% of residents aged 15 or over in mainland Portugal.

In addition, among the top six platforms with the highest PC coverage, Aliexpress ranked second in Portugal with 1.156 million users, accounting for 13.5%, while Amazon, Continente, Fnac and Booking also received more than 1 million PC visitors.

In terms of gender distribution, Worten was also the most influ

ential site for both men and women, while Amazon and Aliexpress were only second and third, with 17.3% and 15.8%, respectively.

In June, Continente was the second most popular site for women in Portugal, with 13% of women on PC, while Aliexpress ranked third with 11.5%.

When it comes to age, the aggregate data shows that Worten has a huge impact across all age groups, but among young people, especially those aged 15 to 24, Aliexpress ranks first with 27.6%, while amazon is the most popular in the 25 to 34 age group. Accounted for 21.4%.

In terms of regional division, Worten still ranks top except for the North Shore region. The site with the highest PC coverage on the North Shore is Aliexpress with 16.3 percent.

When broken down by class, Amazon was the most popular platform for Portugal's upper class, with 31.3% of users. Finally, in terms of traffic data, In June, Amazon's page views reached 66.8 million times, ranking first, followed by Continente (54 million) and Booking (48.5 million).

Combining the data, we can see that Worten is performing very well in all aspects, and the Portuguese e-commerce market is in a booming stage. Sellers who want to enter the Portuguese e-commerce market should pay more attention to the platform and take advantage of the opportunities.


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