How to layout the Italian e-commerce market? This local platform you can have a see

EPRICE is one of the famous Italian e-commerce platforms, where cross-border export e-commerce sellers can find a new blue ocean market.

The total volume of cross-border transactions in Europe is expected to exceed $150 trillion in 2022, with over 400 billion transactions, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10%. Some 83% of Adults in Europe use their mobile phones to buy everything they need, with rising smartphone ownership driving the growth in cross-border mobile commerce purchases.

With Italian e-commerce growing strongly, it is becoming a market with a large customer base. This is a favorable opportunity for e-commerce sellers eager to expand their business scope. Cross-border export e-commerce sellers have been looking for new blue ocean markets.

EPRICE is a popular local e-commerce platform in Italy. Since its inception in 2000, ePRICE has been closely following the global e-commerce companies Amazon and ebay, maintaining a healthy momentum of growth. At present, the platform is still relatively few Sellers in China, which is worth digging. In addition, ePRICE will provide stronger support to cross-border sellers in 2021, so that cross-border sellers of related products can learn more about the platform's policies and seize the development opportunities.

1. Popular products on the platform

The ePRICE platform has a huge share in the Italian 3C electronics market. In addition to consumer electronics, ePRICE is also a market leader in related products such as home appliances and games. The platform mainly deals in electronic products, but not limited to electronic products. The popular product categories on ePRICE also include fashion, home goods, sporting goods and so on.

2. User groups

There are more males than females, and 25-44 year olds are the main consumers. At present, Italy has nearly 50 million Internet users, with a solid market base. According to the survey data, female consumers on ePRICE account for 35%, while male consumers account for 65%, which also explains the hot selling of 3C products on this platform. It is suitable for the layout of 3C products on this platform and the mode of high-quality products. In terms of age, consumers aged 25-44 account for more than 50%, making them the main force of consumers on the platform.

3. Cost of platform

29 euros/month subscription fee

5% - 8% commission

Supports docking with ebay, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Newegg and other platforms

4. Payment cycle and payment method

You can receive payment from the platform on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month

Payonner, Soon, Pingpong are accepted.

5. Logistics aging

Order accepted within 4 working days, delivery within 15 working days. As a local e-commerce platform in Italy, the platform ensures efficient logistics through cooperation with over 400 distribution centers.

6.The return way

Return to the seller's own Warehouse in Europe, and return to China. Each package must be labeled return shipping Lable, the freight shall be borne by the seller, and the products shall be abandoned.

In 2022, ePRICE will provide strong support to cross-border sellers. Cross-border sellers of related products can learn more about the platform's policies and seize the development opportunities of the European e-commerce market.



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