I want to tell you about cross-border e-commerce in Egypt

Egypt has a population of more than 100 million, it is the third largest economy in Africa.

Its per capita GDP is 11,583 US dollars. Nearly half of Egypt's population is Internet users, the number of Internet users reached more than 49.2 million. It has one of the largest numbers of Internet users in Africa. As a cross-border enterprise if you plan to expand the market in Egypt, the cross-border market is promising.

This time we set up a branch in Egypt, also provide 7000 square meters of overseas storage

transportation, customs clearance, warehousing quality inspection, receiving orders, order sorting, multi-channel delivery and other logistics operations. It is difficult to control, communicate with and overstock overseas warehouse, and other problems can also be effectively solved.

Egypt overseas warehouse adopts advanced WMS and OMS system, door to door delivery service in the shortest time, easily let cross-border e-commerce sellers enjoy convenient one-stop warehousing and logistics service.

NEWS: According to Egyptian customs regulations for all goods imported into Egypt, the consignee must first make a local system forecast of the goods to obtain the ACID number.

Provide to shipper, failure to provide ACID number will result in mandatory return of goods to port of shipment and penalty.

PFC Royal Logistics invests in Egyptian companies through strategic means, got Egypt import qualification, can provide Egypt ACID import customs clearance agent attachment services for cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade export enterprises and export logistics providers

If you have any shipping difficulties, please come to PFC Royal Logistics, we help you solve all logistics problems.



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