DHL will install another 3,000 self-service parcel lockers in Germany within three years

According to recent reports from foreign media, DHL will install another 3,000 self-service parcel lockers in Germany within three years. By 2021, the total number of parcel lockers will reach 7,000 and the network will cover the entire Germany.

At present, DHL has 28,000 parcel collection points, including 4,000 self-service parcel lockers and 24,000 post offices or DHL parcel shops.

DHL has more than 12 million registered users. For most people, DHL parcel lockers are an integral part of their online shopping experience and an indispensable part of daily life. Therefore, DHL will invest another huge amount of money to deploy parcel lockers, whether in rural or urban areas. This is not only a response to the continued strong growth in parcel volume, but also to make it more convenient for customers.

Adding parcel lockers is an important part of DHL's 2025 strategy. The continued growth of e-commerce is a key driver of DHL's strategy and future success. Self-service parcel lockers and longer-lasting post offices make DHL services closer to customers than ever before.

DHL introduced parcel lockers to the German market in 2003 and now operates the only nationwide network of parcel lockers. In March 2019, DHL announced a large-scale investment to improve quality and service, including the addition of 500 partner outlets and DHL parcel shops, and the installation of 1,000 parcel lockers.

DHL plans to continue to deploy parcel lockers after 2021. Therefore, the future parcel lockers network will play a key role in serving customers in various regions of Germany.

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