Under the COD cross-border e-commerce operation model: how to reduce the rejection rate or increase the receipt rate?

Recently, many small and medium-sized enterprises have seen that the COD model (Cash On Delivery) of Southeast Asian e-commerce and Middle East e-commerce is a golden opportunity for blue ocean fishing. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises do not recognize their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the overall operating cost composition of the COD model and analysis of COD business scenarios (supply chain, logistics, payment, signing rate, return rate, settlement cycle, internal and external system support API docking, etc.) , staffing of the architecture system, etc., neglecting to investigate the market and pre-judgment of the essence, so blindly following the trend led the company to drown in the crowd.

How to reduce the rejection rate or increase the receipt rate? PFC uses the Internet platform to systematically share solutions and plans with everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone:

The COD model itself is a benefit earned from the disparity of information. If you want to start the online shopping COD model business in a certain market, you need to carefully analyze from the following 4 dimensions before planning whether you can do the online shopping COD model (in itself need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the company, avoid blindly to do):

1. Understand the basics of local online shopping groups in terms of logistics, payment, hardware services, category needs, customs, culture, holidays, interests, hobbies, marketing activities, trade policies, oversea buying products, economic level, income, consumption habits, etc.

2. Understand the current status of COD of local consumers' online shopping experience, demonstration and operation of the shopping process, pain points and doubts.

3. Understand the needs of local young groups and the recognition of brand needs, and interview different groups of people (company employees, workplace freshmen, friends, Internet influencers, opinion leaders, oversea buying staff, professional parties, hipsters, new users, etc ).

4. Understand the opportunities and pitfalls, pain points, and needs of the single product page and the independent station mall in the user's mind.

Improving the COD signature rate requires horizontal and vertical multi-dimensional balancing considerations from the following nine points, which is also the cornerstone that restricts the company's ability to sharpen its progress in order to form core competitiveness in the market:

1. Orientation and selection of category needs: according to local customs, hobbies, best-selling products, scarce products, religious culture, online shopping team and offline shopping experience.

2. In terms of cost: logistics cost, advertising cost, commodity procurement and pricing strategy.

3. Can you offer related promotions online and offline, such as red envelopes, shopping vouchers, full discount activities, membership services, etc.

4. Cross-border supply chain time (control from user order to receipt):

1) Internal factors: whether the processes of each link are standardized, the time of the process, intelligent warehouse sorting, the timely rate of entering and leaving the warehouse, and the planning of procurement and stock planning, etc.

2) External factors: integration of logistics channels in sea and air transportation and dedicated line time, LSP node formulation, API docking, and full logistics tracking can be queried.

5. Pre-sales and after-sales services:

The shopping process, product packaging is exquisite, stylish, and more good looking. Pre-sale activities, personalized needs, timely response to customer questions and concerns, local shipping and return services for overseas warehouses, whether users' awareness of the local delivery high, dispute response processing, etc.

6. Build an independent station gradually:

This is a trend, moving away from relying on FB advertising order model as a profit model and turning to independent stations. The popularity of the Internet has gradually penetrated into users, and the demand for online shopping has gradually shifted to the e-commerce platform as the economy and the Internet level have improved. The single product page is only a transition period that cannot last long. Make the independent station a well-known platform and brand, and also share it with various social platform linkage allows customers to promote themselves and gradually develop into a social e-commerce, increasing the conversion rate.

7. Take the brand model:

1) Follow the branding trend and build the product into its own company brand model (OEM or ODM), recognition of the product and recognition of the platform (such as Xiaomi and Huawei, then these brands are recognized)

2) Make the company or leader into a brand and Internet influencer. for example, Alibaba itself has become a brand, Jack Ma is also a brand, and natural traffic will be there; like Maotai and Wuliangye are also famous wine brands in China, with low cost and selling price high.

8. Self-operated stockpile overseas warehouse model:

1) Prepare best-selling products to overseas warehouses, improve online shopping timeliness, localization services, and improve online shopping experience for users

2) According to user needs, provide personalized needs customization, value-added services, etc.

3) Improve returns and exchanges and re-sell from the shelves. Products that cannot be sold are sold offline at low prices to local stores, crowds, and friends.

9. After the scale and business volume increase, develop the local logistics supply chain system based on business needs, and continuously improve the tail-end multiple business distribution modes:

1) Home delivery (door to door).

2) Cooperation with chain convenience stores.

3) Development of self-lifting in living places.

4) Open large-scale services and ship by sea (such as living furniture, etc.)

5) Integrate delivery vehicles, and arrange pickup points at crowd points in different areas, such as subway entrances, near shopping malls, near villages and counties, etc.

Remarks: For the users in the Middle East market, they did not fill in the specific delivery address. It is necessary to plan to establish a big data model database to store daily data and common positioning functions of mobile APPs, so as to find the customer address and delivery in time.



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