How to charge the China Dropshipping cloud warehouse service ?

Dropshipping cloud warehouse storage services believe that many people have understood and started to use. For Dropshipping cloud warehouse storage to provide customers with a piece of hair, goods storage and other services also have a clear understanding. But when it comes to the cost of the problem, many people are not so clear understanding. This is also because the major Dropshipping cloud warehouse storage service providers in the propaganda did not mention too much about the details of the charges and was neglected by everyone.

Today, we use PFCShip's(Parcel from China)fee case to explain how to calculate the area of cloud warehouse storage, how to charge?

On the issue of cloud warehouse storage charges, we analyze PFCShip's charging model to come up with two aspects.Free mode and charge mode.

Free model.

PFCShip(Parcel from China)provides customers with free warehousing service for 60 days to many cooperative Dropshipping

sellers or enterprises. 60 days, for most of Dropshipping sellers, is completely enough for their normal circulation turnaround time.

The 60-day free period is calculated from the time the shipment enters the warehouse, and if the shipment is dispatched within ≤ 60 days, then the cost of the ticket is zero for the period the shipment is in warehouse storage.

The 60-day judging criteria is for the goods, not for the people, and cooperative Dropshipping sellers can inject new batches of goods into the warehouse according to their own demand situation. Then the old batch and the new batch of goods are registered separately according to the date of entry into the warehouse. Free storage for ≤ 60 days can be achieved respectively. If you understand this cloud warehouse storage charging rules. Basically, you can do free use of it.

Fee model.

This model is an extended model based on the first model. When the goods are counted from the date of entry into the warehouse ≥ 60 days, the goods will be charged a certain amount of storage fees.

There are two types of charging methods: three-dimensional storage and flat storage.

Flat floor storage: pallet pallets are used to stack the goods.

At present, the common size of pallets in the industry is: 1.2M * 1M. Limited by the footprint of the pallets is not large, so the choice of this mode requires the use of the number of pallets to determine the category of goods in stock, size, number of SKUs, layers. Usually the goods stored in the cardboard class are mostly seen in the large goods or more than a single number of goods.

Cubic storage: the use of shelf storage way to store goods.

This mode is the most common and most commonly used mode. You can determine the size and type of shelves to be used according to the type, size and quantity of goods. Generally, it is recommended to use relatively large shelves for products with small categories and large quantities of goods.

Generally speaking, the number of shelves and the number of shelves to be occupied by three-dimensional cargo is calculated to calculate the charging scheme. PFCShip(Parcel from China) offers a fee based on the actual area of the cargo. PFCShip is the lowest and easiest in the industry, even if the shipment is due to be charged.

PFCShip(Parcel from China) - focus on Dropshipping cloud warehouse storage services for more than 10 years. PFCShip is dedicated to provide customers with more perfect Dropshipping cloud warehouse storage service for each partner seller.

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