How do cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses generally charge?

Although cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse services are well-known, their specific charging methods have left many people confused. The charging methods for cloud warehouse services usually involve warehousing processing, goods storage, order system usage, and outbound processing. Different service providers may have different charging standards, so understanding these fee items is crucial for selecting the appropriate cloud warehouse service.

PFCShip provides the following warehousing and logistics quotation scheme:

1. Warehousing processing and listing fee: free

2. PFCShip receives and puts products on shelves, providing free services for immediate handling of goods, distinguishing and placing them on shelves based on their characteristics and categories, without charging per piece. Warehouse rental for goods storage: free within 30 days

3. Provide free warehousing services for the first 30 days after the goods are stored. The portion exceeding 30 days will be charged based on the occupied area and the number of days overdue, with discounted rates. WMS warehouse order system usage fee: free

4. Provide an advanced, comprehensive, and multi platform integrated WMS warehouse order system to achieve efficient inventory management, interface with various ERP e-commerce management software, and process orders with one click API. Off shelf outbound processing fee (i.e. order processing fee): charged at 1 0.3 RMB

a. For a single order, the fee is charged at 1 yuan per piece;

b. For combination orders, the first item is charged 1 yuan, followed by 0.3 yuan per item (same SKU combination order 1 0.3/different SKU 1 1...).

5. Packaging material cost (optional):

a. If the customer provides their own packaging materials, the cost is free of charge;

b. If PFCShip provides, the cost will be calculated based on the actual market price incurred.

The above are the fee items and fees provided by PFCShip . For more details, please log in And contact customer service for a comprehensive understanding.

PFCShip provides multiple branch offices and free on-site pickup services. Its advantages include an efficient warehouse management system, comprehensive order processing services, high-quality logistics network, and customized inventory management.

The PFCShip service simplifies the order processing process, effectively reduces operational costs, and provides flexible inventory management options. This provides stable and efficient logistics support for your e-commerce business, which can be used without special conditions.

At the same time, PFCShip also provides multiple insurance value-added services, such as full compensation for loss, compensation for damage to goods, and compensation for delay, providing customers with higher quality services.

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How do cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses generally charge?
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