China warehousing:What services does the China cross-border cloud warehouse provide?

Cross-border cloud warehouse generally refers to the warehousing and logistics specially launched for cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies, and the related e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing services specially issued for e-commerce sellers or enterprises. At present, most cross-border cloud warehouse service providers on the market will provide goods warehousing, sorting goods according to orders, packaging and shipping, these three main services. However, according to the service information provided by PFCShip, let's take a look at what services a professional cross-border cloud warehouse can provide?

1.Goods storage services.

Calculated from the entry date of the goods, PFCShip provides a 60-day free storage period. Due to the high circulation of cross-border e-commerce products, warehousing services for more than 60 days are almost equivalent to free delivery.

2.Goods warehousing and shelf service.

Usually, the goods need to be inspected after the goods enter the warehouse (not all cloud warehouse service providers will provide them), and the quality inspection will enter the product shelf process. PFCShip provides free simple quality inspection and free shelf services for cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers and enterprises.

3.Order goods sorting service after order generation.

According to the order distribution instructions of the cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers, the goods will be sorted according to the order. After the sorting is completed, the applicable packaging materials will be selected according to the characteristics of the goods, so as to protect the safety of the goods from damage. Sorting and packaging need manual fine processing, which will produce sorting and packaging costs, and will be charged generally according to the order. Packaging materials will be charged corresponding fees according to the needs of cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers.

4.Advanced WMS warehouse order management system.

The system can be perfectly connected with the majority of e-commerce platforms, in which the system can process the marking and tracking of the delivery of orders and tracking numbers with one click. At the same time, the system also provides users with high and accurate real-time online order management analysis, and inventory warning and other functions.

5.Goods shall be sent through the logistics channels designated by cross-border sellers.

Because the platform of cross-border e-commerce sellers may officially recommend logistics channels, using the logistics channel will well improve the scoring and exposure of stores, so most cloud warehouses will use the logistics channel designated by the seller to send goods. On this basis, PFCShip will also make use of its more than 10 years of international logistics experience to recommend the best preferred logistics channels for cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies.(Such as UPS, DHL, FEDEX, International Line, and various postal package routes.)

6.High-precision warehouse management services.

Relying on the real-time online update information of WMS, coupled with the whole process of monitoring workflow of inventory, the safety and management of goods will be guaranteed to the maximum extent. Sellers are relieved from the trouble of inventory management.

7.Highly free and flexible customized value-added services.

Want your package and packaging to be different? Hope there are nice little cards in the package? Or you need to customize your own special packing box and logo. PFCShip's value-added services can all be satisfied.

PFCShip specifically serves cross-border e-commerce sellers.

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