China warehouse:Comparison between cross-border cloud warehouse and traditional storage efficiency

Cross-border cloud warehouse is a cloud warehouse storage service specially opened for cross-border e-commerce sellers and a more efficient kind of logistics warehousing. Meanwhile, it is somewhat different from our cross-border e-commerce sellers' self-built warehouse.

First of all, we should understand how to operate cloud warehouse. The reason why it is called cloud warehouse is to achieve the management and operation of cloud warehouse through the network cloud instructions and cloud management mode.

Here's a deeper look at the differences by their operational efficiencies:

1.Comparison of warehouse expenses and storage expenses.

In traditional storage, no matter how much goods you have, a fixed charge is calculated according to the warehouse area. Most of the time, less good waste storage costs, while more goods may be limited because of the storage area.

In cross-border cloud warehouse, no matter how many goods you have, they are charged according to the shelves occupied by the goods or according to the volume of the goods to,. In a real sense, it realizes less quantity less expenditure, large quantity unlimited and other storage efficient use.

2.Comparison of the order completion time.

When the cross-border sellers generate the order, the traditional warehouse needs to hire the warehouse packing personnel to sort and package the goods. After the packaging is completed, they need to check and send the goods to the corresponding logistics channel warehouse (some items can also be picked up at the door by themselves). It may be divided into several logistics companies. A great waste of operator time.

Cloud warehouse operation is relatively simple and efficient. It only needs you to send instructions to the cloud warehouse WMS system, and cloud warehouse staff will immediately operate the goods corresponding sorting and packaging. Besides, there are professional packaging equipment and standardized packaging. After completing, it will use automatic sorting machine for goods sorting, and send directly according to the characteristics of the goods recommended using the best way of logistics transportation. The ability to process orders efficiently also ensures that orders are completed on time.

3.Cost comparison of storage personnel management and information management.

The personnel salary expenditure required by the traditional storage accounts for the majority of the expenses, and there is instability. The flow of personnel and work proficiency are the key points that restrict the correct delivery rate of orders. In addition, warehousing needs to make regular inventory of goods, liquidation and information of WMS use expenses, and each WMS access platform needs expenses and maintenance and update.

But cross-border cloud warehouse generates zero expenditure in terms of personnel, as well as real-time updated inventory and goods orders, so that you can know your own inventory’s actual situation anytime and anywhere. And you can use the cooperative cloud warehouse multi-platform docking powerful WMS order processing system for free.

Judging from these two points alone, it can be seen that cross-border cloud warehouse not only reduces expenditure, but also greatly improves efficiency.

4.Comparison of experience sharing while providing a personalized comparison of value-added services.

The experience accumulated in traditional storage derives from their own exploration, equivalent to the experience behind closed doors. Limited by the nature of the work, there is no normal communication and experience sharing with the outside world. Cross-border cloud warehouse may serve tens of thousands of cooperative cross-border sellers at the same time, and the experience of dealing with various problems is incomparable to traditional warehousing. Therefore, in terms of experience and operation, cloud warehouse is better over traditional warehousing.

The emergence of cross-border cloud warehouse value-added services has provided more cooperative cross-border sellers with personalized identification and ideas, such as customized packaging or stickers for their goods, or redesigned logo and product testing services. Cloud warehouse will be in the shortest time for you to find good cooperation good manufacturers for your finished products. It greatly reduces the time that cooperative cross-border sellers can spend on such things.

PFCship(Parcel from China) integrates the upstream, middle and downstream resources in all cross-border supply chains to serve each cooperative cross-border e-commerce seller with lower cost and higher efficiency.

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