PFC and China Southern Logistics, working together to create cross-border goods speedpost!

The epidemic repeated, international freight skyrocketing

In 2021, the repeated fluctuations of COVID-19 caused the suspension of many international flights, but also led to the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce, and the contradiction between supply and demand of international air cargo has become increasingly prominent.

"At the peak, charter prices tripled and freight rates quintupled, but there was still no room to buy and no air capacity." This is the voice of a cross-border logistics practitioner facing the global epidemic environment.

To build China Southern airlines cross-border special line

In the face of such difficult situation, 2021 PFC through unremitting efforts, it officially become China Southern logistics headquarters big customer and China Southern airlines cross-border operation designated partner. PFC and China southern airlines hand in hand with fixed BSA + jet take goods in order to protect their positions, prices, time of high quality, uses the routes advantages of China Southern airlines, to serve cross-border ecommerce enterprise, create a PFC - China Southern Express delivery and let cross-border people deliver worry-free.

High quality service

Priority booking and automatic instant confirmation.

Exclusive access to China Southern logistics VIP window, enjoy priority delivery services.

Under the premise of customers' willingness, the information of flight departure, flight arrival, cargo pick-up and other links will be proactively sent to customers in need through SMS platform or wechat public account.

Cargo reservation is free to change, change procedures are low. (e.g. fuel surcharge, security surcharge, war risk surcharge, etc.)

China Southern UK speedpost 7 direct flights a week, can receive personal address/business address, nail oil, etc.

Time assurance

PFC Southern UK Speedpost (CZUK) channel route (overall delivery time 2-4 days);

PFC Southern Mexico Speedpost (CZMX) channel line (overall delivery time 6-9 days);

PFC Southern Columbia Speedpost (CZCO) channel route (overall delivery time 6-9 days) ;

The above is the channel measurement flow chart and specific flight arrangement.

Fixed freight space, peak season first choice!



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