Amazon once again expands the delivery service - thousands of items are delivered free of charge the next day

Recently, Amazon announced the expansion of delivery methods for holiday shoppers, as well as Prime Free delivery service on the same day. It also provides the next day delivery of over 10 million items and the same day delivery service for hundreds of items.

It is reported that Prime members of 46 major metropolitan areas can enjoy the next day free shipping service of more than 10 million items. These include popular holiday gifts such as toys, games and electronics,and the delivery of hundreds of items on the same day or one day.

Consumers can choose to safely send their holiday orders to self-service lockers in more than 900 cities and towns across the United States, including Full Food supermarkets; or choose thousands of central counter points in Amazon's partner stores to collect packages, including Staff at the Rite Aid, GNC, Stage and Health Mart stores receive areas. There is no extra charge.

Maria Lenze, vice president of global delivery experience at Amazon, said, "The company's goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to spend this season and pass a smile at every turn, whether it's the biggest free shipping item when shopping, or deliver holiday essentials on the same day, etc."

Previously, Target and Wal-Mart combined online sales and offline sales to speed up delivery time and change the online market dominated by Amazon. In order to resist it, Amazon announced on October 29 that it will provide free grocery delivery service to Prime members of the United States. This time to expand the shopping season delivery service, or to better compete with the opponent, in order to occupy a favorable position in this distribution competition.

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