PFC Royal Logistics Work with China Southern Airlines to create a faster cross-border special line, making your parcels delivery faster

This is the age of the Internet.

Can almost anything be satisfied on the Internet.

So you can buy all over the world without leaving your home.

Now the e-commerce industry is really "wrapped"

We should not only spell appearance level, spell quality, spell service,but also Logistics!

If you are a cross-border business seller,It is really need to take effort in the choice of logistics.

Compared with the logistics timeliness of domestic e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce will involve more import and export links, which means the shipping time will only be longer.

Want to highlight your business service in logistics, we must choose a more suitable logistics provider.

PFC Royal Logistics is one of the first cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprises in China,it has been committed to providing professional third-party logistics services for the cross-border e-commerce with import and export logistics and global e-commerce warehousing service solution.

The company has more than 40 kinds of cross-border logistics solutions, comprehensively coverage of cross-border e-commerce logistics, warehousing, import and export agents, warehouse operations and logistics software development and other services, which

can meet customer needs of different cross-border e-commerce.

In 2021,PFC Royal Logistics officially became China Southern Logistics cross-border dedicated line operation first designated partner.

Making PFC Royal -China Southern Airlines Internatinal dedicated line.

China Southern Airlines has a large number of aircraft, a developed airline network and a large annual passenger volume, ranking first in Asia and fourth in the world in terms of fleet size and passenger volume. With the rapid development of China Southern Airlines, at present, China Southern Logistics has 12 Boeing 777 freighters and 2 Boeing 747 freighters, the size of the freighter fleet has reached 14. By signing SPA agreements with more than 50 airlines, the airline network has further penetrated into more than 300 cities in Europe, America, Africa and Australia. At the same time, China Southern Logistics can provide intensive coverage of domestic, comprehensive radiation to Asia, connecting Europe, the United States, Australia, Africa and major cities of the belly transport services.

As a cross-border business, in the carriage of goods, if you want to have high timeliness, high security, China Southern Logistics main recommended lines, you must know about it:

1.YODEL-UK/CZUK: It is a Sino-British special line logistics service jointly launched by the PFC Royal logistics and The British express company YODEL. YODEL is a well-known express delivery company in the UK, delivering over 300,000 packages a day. Package tracking query information is updated quickly and can be delivered to 95% of homes. Our package can be delivered to The UK 48 hours after receiving and Posting, and the UK special line adopts the way of customs clearance forecast. The package information is sent to the UK before the goods are cleared, and the goods can be immediately cleared and delivered after arriving in the UK, greatly optimizing the speed of parcel clearance. Suitable for transporting high-value, time-sensitive items.

2.US Special Fast Line Service(USPS): By integrating the express resources of China and the US, PFC Royal Logistics concentrated the sorting of the goods in China, and the time limit for loading the direct flights between Guangzhou and Shenzhen in 2-3 days. The special line agent of Royal International Logistics in the United States completed the customs clearance locally and USPS used the FIRST CLASS and Priority services. The local delivery was 100% completed within 3 days, which can be checked with signature records. The overall aging control is within 5-8 working days. The US special fast line of PFC International Logistics is fast and flexible, suitable for the delivery of high-value, time-sensitive items, and in most areas there is no remote area surcharge.

3.Canada special line(CAEXPRESS): Royal Logistics (PFC) is an international special line service in cooperation with Canada Post. The service takes advantage of Hong Kong's abundant air transportation resources and Canada's advantages in customs clearance to create a fast and strong cross-border e-commerce special line service. It is especially suitable for transporting light and small items with high value and time limitation. This service is guaranteed, more secure, cost-effective, and can check the tracking information throughout the process, which is a guaranteed choice for customers to deliver packages to Canada.

Logistics service advantages of China Southern Airlines:

Exclusive access to China Southern Logistics VIP window, enjoy priority station, fast security services; When the goods arrive at the destination country, they can enjoy the super VIP service of priority disassembling board and sending the first car to the tail, so as to achieve the optimal timeliness.

The shipping space is guaranteed throughout the year and the goods are delivered first.

PFC provides free domestic storage service for customers.

Free for customers to issue air transport security identification report, so that your cosmetics products without capacity limitation, long-term and stable delivery.

PFC Tracking platform updates the latest flight trends of packages in real time, so that you can know the trajectory of packages like the back of your hand.

7 flights a week, provide rapid delivery service, to meet your assessment of time.

Export 9610 customs declaration, import T85 customs clearance, for our cargo escort.



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