The growth of home furnishing products is amazing! Prospects for the Mexican market are improving

People stay home longer during the pandemic, giving them more time to decorate their homes. So more consumers turn their eyes to household products.

According to Linio, a Mexican e-commerce platform, home products grew by a staggering 90% in the second quarter. For the reason of such rapid growth, the relevant person in charge of the platform said that it is mainly because of the epidemic that consumers have more time to focus on house decoration, furniture decoration and so on.

The consumer of Mexican market is basically on the choice that lives in a product with building adornment, decorate things to give priority to, if receive box, desk. Smart plugs, door protectors, dust covers, screwdrivers and other smaller products are also selling well on Amazon's Mexican site.

Mexico's phenomenal growth in such products is also foreshadowing. Mexico is Latin America's second-largest economy and the third-largest online retail market, accounting for 27% of sales. Last year it had a population of nearly 130 million and sales of more than 18 billion. In terms of consumers, online shopping groups are dominated by young people. According to relevant statistics, the number of online shoppers is expected to reach more than 77 million by 2025.

In terms of the choice of consumer categories, local consumers are more inclined to diversify on clothing, household products, electronic intelligent equipment and cosmetic products, and clothing and footwear products still occupy the majority. It is important to note that in Mexico, as in Latin America as a whole, local e-commerce platforms are more popular. The current number one in Mexico is Micco, followed by Amazon, Best Buy and others, and local consumers are very concerned about price.

Mexico's Independence Day and Christmas are coming soon, when the market platforms will launch a lot of promotional activities, which is also a good opportunity for Mexican sellers to maximize orders.

While everyone is focusing on the European and American markets, Latin American markets such as Brazil and Mexico are quietly bursting with potential, but sellers don't seem to like Mexico very much. But we have to admit that the whole Latin American market is growing rapidly in terms of purchasing power and the market outlook is good.



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