Independent sellers how to do original brand

Can independent sellers do their own original brand? Of course!

Original brand needs original design. First, the seller needs to have a new idea about the product, as well as a detailed design scheme. Then the seller needs to find a good manufacturer to make it at a reasonable price. After getting the samples, take publicity pictures and show them on the independent platform for sales. There are two ways of selling: the manufacturer receives the order and delivers the goods directly to the customer, or the seller picks up the goods and delivers them.

The success of the original brand model depends on a number of factors. Before launching an original brand, sellers need to think about these questions: whether their products are as good as they think from the perspective of the market and consumers; Before pricing, whether to conduct sufficient market research, to understand and compare the price of competing products; And whether the manufacturer can complete the production of products with high quality and quantity.

The biggest advantage of an original brand is that the seller has control over almost the entire chain of sales. From the initial design of the product, quality control, pricing, selection of logistics and delivery, all links are fully controlled by the seller, the seller can save the cost of the intermediate link, the store can give consumers the maximum commitment.

For cross-border e-commerce sellers who want to make original brands, independent websites provide a relatively low-cost and easy model. When the original brand of the seller takes shape, the original brand sales model of the independent station will have more possibilities, such as the sale of original copyright. Currently, there are many companies overseas that use the SKU code Settings of e-commerce platforms to allow other retailers to sell their products in different regions.

The system connects independent sites to a global e-commerce marketplace platform with a built-in payment system so that other vendors can sell products from the independent sites' original brand merchants from such sites. Sellers in different regions resell and market licensed original products in their native language, a model that opens up new possibilities for independent original brands.

Independent websites have been attracting continuous attention from cross-border e-commerce sellers due to their high freedom. The high degree of freedom provides more possibilities for the independent station operation mode. The original brand model is relatively difficult, which requires the seller to have a deep understanding of the market, but the profit margin brought by this model is also hard to reach by other models.



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