Search volume skyrocketed by 787% and monthly sales jumped by 419%! Vaccine-themed products are completely on fire

Introduction: Vaccine theme products sell well overseas!

As countries around the world start to vaccinate, vaccine-themed products have become consumers' favorites. From clothing to accessories, from buttons to hats, related products are selling well on major e-commerce platforms, opening up new business opportunities for many sellers.

Hats, brooches, T-shirts and vaccine-themed products are selling well overseas

On Amazon, sales of some products have risen since March. In order to cater to consumer preferences and demands, some sellers have taken the lead by placing T-shirts with the words "Don 'WORRY I'm Vaccinated."

In addition to clothing, some small vaccine-themed accessories, such as brooches and hats, are also popular with foreign consumers. At Amazon, monthly sales of a 10-piece set with the words "vaccinated Against Covid-19" rose 419%.

From late November through May, the popularity of "vaccinated" continued to rise, with searches for "vaccinated T-shirt" spiking 787 percent in 90 days.

For foreign consumers, buying vaccine-themed products is a happy thing to celebrate a successful vaccination. For the intention of the seller, this is indeed a good business opportunity, but also to combine the market comprehensive analysis before making a decision!

Vaccination jackets could be a trend

Vaccination jackets have become so popular in China that many surfers are buying them. The so-called vaccination "special" jacket, is exposed to the shoulders of the garment, in the vaccination can save trouble, facilitate direct vaccination.

Meanwhile, vaccine-specific shirts are proving popular abroad. A video of US singer Dolly Parton getting vaccinated has gone viral with more than 4.6 million views, and most of the attention is on the off-the-shoulder sleeve she wears.

Many foreign netizens exclaimed "I also have the same off-the-shoulder clothes", "I also want to wear this, so that I don't have to roll up my sleeves when giving injections".

It has to be said that off-the-shoulder tops are really eye-catching and popular in countries around the world. With the increasing vaccination rate, the popularity of vaccine-themed products may continue to rise in the near future. Sellers can use these products as a reference!



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