La Poste is to increase rates for 2021

La Poste announced a few days ago that from January 1, 2021, the average mail rate will increase by 4.7%, and the package rate will increase by 1.6%.

The specific rate increase in mail delivery announced by La Poste is as follows.

1. Rates for priority stamp will increase from 1.16 euros to 1.28 euros;

2. Rates for Lettre Verte (non-prioriy letter) will increase from 0.97 euros to 1.08 euros;

3. Rates for domestic Colissimo parcels increased by 1.6%;

4. Rates for small parcels weighing less than 250 grams remains unchanged since 2018 at 4.95 euros.

It is reported that this adjustment is to ensure the sustainability of the La Poste's high-quality universal service under the premise of decreased mail volume.

La Poste estimated that, in 2021, the average postage spent by French residents is about 37euros while the number is 39 euros this year. Rates for business mail may increase by 3.9%, and marketing mail will increase slightly by 0.7%. The above price increases are in line with the upper limit level set by the French postal regulatory agency Arcep.

2020-08-29 1593

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