Shenzhen will conduct three-points-one-route closed-loop management for 380,000 cross-border truck drivers from Hong Kong

According to Wang Shourui, director of the Shenzhen Port Office, due to the high focus on cross-border truck driver group from Hong Kong, relevant departments have comprehensively strengthened the three-points-one-route closed-loop management system for cross-border truck drivers with combination of scientific and technological information to promote the use of Guangdong Kangma which will link up the destination declaration, track management, and overnight stays, and do real-time monitoring. As of August 19, the number of registered drivers was 13,882 covering all the entry drivers recently.

The basic requirement of three-points-one-route policy is as follows:

At the port point, truck drivers are required to declare transportation task information on the "Guangdong Provincial Affairs" platform before entry. According to the declared information, the closed-loop operation requirements and operation time limit forecast information after entry will be pushed in time.

At the operating point, cargo owners are required to fulfill their main responsibilities, supervise cross-border drivers to strictly implement prevention and control requirements, and arrange for priority loading and unloading of cross-border cargo and centralized parking of inbound trucks to avoid direct personal contact.

At designated centralized accommodations, drivers are strictly required to return to Hong Kong on the arrival day except in case of necessity. In some special circumstances when they cannot return on the arrival day, the local epidemic prevention and control department will arrange accommodations from them at designated service stations under community grid management after verification. Drivers are not allowed to stay overnight at local households.

Along the route, strengthen trajectory management, require all incoming trucks to be equipped with satellite positioning systems and ETC systems. Set up special service facilities and guidelines for traffic nodes such as expressway service areas, toll stations, gas stations, and parking lots along the entire cross-border transportation operation. For those who stay overtime after entry and do not cooperate with the guidance to return to Hong Kong or check into the service station in time, the community where they are located shall be responsible for implementing centralized quarantine for 14 days in accordance with ordinary inbound passengers.

As of August 20, Shenzhen comfired zero overseas-transmit-related COVID-19 cases, zero infection for medical staff, zero error for nucleic acid test, and zero accident for on-site management.


August 24, 2020

2020-08-24 1274

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