How to prevent your product from being followed by other sellers on Amazon?

The followed listing is a unique tag on Amazon which is designed for avoiding any possible duplicate listings. It's disappointing to have the same products displayed on whole the page and thus reduce customer satisfaction. Moreover, when many sellers rush to list the high ranking products, they may spend less time to develop new products. Thus Amazon only allow one listing for one product. However, another issue occurs. When a hot product is dominated by one seller, he may sell it at high price. In a row, Amazon rolled out followed listing to eliminate price monopoly.

Here is how the followed listing works. When you have a product to sell and find it's already listed by another seller, you can simply follow it without creating a new listing on your own as long as you provide exactly the same product. If you are the original seller, you may find your order volume is reduced as buyers are placing orders with other sellers.

How to prevent this situation? We should understand the logistic of followed listing firstly. The goal of followed listing is to help buyer get a product with the cheapest price among all the exactly same products. It's only when the brand, factory, appearance, color, weight and all other specifications are all the same would two products be considered as exactly the same products by Amazon.

The key to prevent followed listings is to distinguish your product from that of others.

1. Avoid to use the same material. This is not applicable for common products such as phone case and cable.

2. Register your own brand at local country and submit your license to Amazon for recording.

3. Stand out with your own feature. For instance, you can hang a customized tag to your clothes with your own logo.


August 18, 2020

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