How to choose Amazon FBA first leg logistics? FBA first leg notes

1. Amazon FBA first leg logistics options

Buyers will be more inclined to products shipped by Amazon FBA, and sellers who choose FBA will increase costs accordingly, and the cost will naturally be calculated into the price of the product. Whether the logistics channel can be properly optimized has also become one of the keys to product pricing, which affects sales; many sellers may have encountered a similar situation: other sellers of the same product suddenly lowered the price, and it was still greatly reduced, and it was not the type of participation, which can last for a long time, in this case, it is not a loss for the order, it is likely to optimize the logistics channel.

2.The common FBA first leg transportation methods are:

For international express delivery, most sellers are the most commonly used and most practical logistics channel, and of course the most expensive. It is more suitable for new products to try market feedback, and the shipment is relatively small; or the product itself is small, and you can send more for the same weight and price is the same.

FBA Air + delivery

Firstly, it will be delivered to the local area by air, and then delivered to the Amazon warehouse by local express delivery. The time is fast and slightly slower than the direct delivery. Currently, the air + delivery on the market is generally double-paid tax, and there is no need to pay customs prepayment, etc. The cost is moderate.

FBA sea + delivery

Sea shipping + local customs clearance + destination country delivery, the transit time is slightly longer, and the sea shipping time is longer, usually one month or more, but the price is cheaper, and it is more suitable for high-volume replenishment in the peak season or products with stable sales.

Sellers can choose the appropriate logistics and transportation based on the actual case of express delivery and the calculation of freight rates. As for what kind of logistics to choose, the sellers must have their own minds. After the sales volume has increased or they have encountered the peak season of the products, they will send FBA by sea to enter the warehouse. As for what method to deliver to warehouse after arrival, it depends on the amount of goods, the efficiency and the price.

3.FBA first leg notes

When choosing the FBA transportation method, sellers need to consider both timeliness and their own capital turnover to reduce costs.

In addition to the choice of the shipping method, the seller must also consider the weight of the product when selecting the product. If the product is large, you must consider combining the shipping method with the heavier product to avoid being oversized or charged additional shipping costs.

It is recommended to try multiple transportation methods at the same time, try to ensure that your products are continuously stocked, can continue to bring income and profit to yourself, and reduce transportation costs; sellers must firstly understand the policies and barriers of the country before sending the FBA shipment , making full preparations for FBA shipment transportation.

How to properly control your Amazon FBA shipment logistics costs?

First, we must rationally design the packaging for the transportation of goods.

Any kind of transport has the limitation of carrying weight and maximum volume, so this must be taken into consideration when negotiating the contract; for example, if the container is used for transportation, if the customer's order quantity is not cost-effective after being calculated, it should generally be recommended to change the order quantity.

Second, know the transportation route of the goods.

It is very necessary to understand the ocean freight transportation routes. For example, to European ports, although most shipping companies have the difference between basic ports and non-basic ports, the freight rates are different, but the division of different shipping companies will be different. Learn about the division of different companies,the freight rate to the basic port can be obtained by choosing a transport company.



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