DPD Group acquires majority stake of Lenton Holding Group

Recently, DPD Group announced that it has obtained a majority stake of Lenton Holding Group Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, China. Lenton is an international parcel logistics and transportation company.

The DPD Group stated that the two companies have always had close cooperation. As early as December 2009, the DPD Group acquired a 25% stake of Lenton. In addition to the DPD Group, Japan Post has been a strategic shareholder of the Lenton Group since 2014.

The amount of the transaction has not been disclosed, and the exact shares of Lenton currently held by the DPD Group have not been disclosed as well.

Lenton founder and CEO Morty Langslow said that Lenton's success over the years has been attributed to its unique network, IT systems, rich products,experience, and a strong team. The unique shareholding partnership with DPD and Japan Post in recent years also proves that Lenton's strength is good, and the two sides can provide high-quality end-to-end courier solutions through cooperation.

DPD Group President and CEO Paul-Marie Chavanne said that as a leader in e-commerce and “last mile” distribution, especially throughout Europe, DPD Group's acquisition of a majority stake of Lenton will further accelerate the development of innovative products and the e-commerce business solutions, while strengthening the Group's ability to manage cross-border business for its customers.

2020-08-07 1418

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