Amazon announces free delivery of groceries to Prime members in the United States

According to foreign media reports, Amazon recently announced that it will provide free grocery delivery service to Prime members of the United States.

Amazon said it will provide free grocery delivery services to all Prime members living in 2000 towns, including Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, within a two-hour window.

Currently, Amazon Prime members have an annual fee of $119. However, to enjoy Amazon Fresh Food service, an additional $14.99 is required each month. After Amazon announced the decision, Prime members can get free shipping from a variety of products, from fresh meats and vegetables to snacks.

It is reported that in September this year, Amazon relied on the offline Whole Foods Market to expand its two-hour fast delivery service to nearly 30 cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, Houston and Detroit, to further expand its grocery business.

In 2017, Amazon invested US$13.7 billion to acquire a high-end food supermarket-Whole Foods Market in the United States. In February 2018, United the Whole Foods Market,officially launched a two-hour fast delivery service to provide its prime members with free delivery of fresh ingredients within 2 hours. .

It is understood that in August of this year, Amazon Global officially launched the "Buy Shipping"service to the European self-delivery sellers, "Buy Shipping" is the Amazon online delivery service focusing on sellers arrange orders by themselves.

In the "Buy Shipping", based on the delivery time commitment, carrier preference and minimum available fee promised to the buyer, Amazon will automatically match different delivery services, the seller can choose according to their own situation, which enable the goods delivered to the buyer's hands on time.

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