DHL Germany branch launches QR code mobile return service for businesses and consumers

Recently, DHL Parcels Germany branch launched a mobile return service based on QR code to simplify the customer return process.

The company sends a return QR code to the customer, and the customer can use the QR code to print the return label in the parcel shop. Customers can also return the package to DHL courier at their door or parcel station without having to print a return label.

In June 2019, DHL launched a QR code parcel delivery service, and private customers can use the QR code to send parcels without having to print the shipping label. The launch of the mobile return service is a further extension of the service, corporate customers and consumers can get the return QR code by email, or directly download the return QR code. QR code scanning and delivery processing services are available at nationwide 24,000 post offices , DHL package stores and 3,700 DHL packages stations throughout the country.

In addition, customers can also purchase labels from the postman, print on the spot, and the postman directly picks up the return package.

From November 2019, all corporate customers of DHL will be able to use the mobile return service through the DHL corporate website. At the time, existing customer data will be successfully migrated to the corresponding technology platform. For DHL's new customers and corporate customers using their own delivery logistics system, the mobile return service can be used immediately, with no additional cost for corporate customers and end customers.

2020-08-07 1442

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