Amazon's new low-cost customized ground transportation service

According to foreign media reports recently, Amazon is providing customized ground parcel transportation services for its selected high-volume customers, shipping costs as low as $3 per piece, shipping weights up to 50 lbs, and support long-distance transportation.

According to reports, the transportation service has been launched in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and may be launched in other regions in the future. Prices vary according to the individual needs of each shipper. The price of $3 per case applies to short-distance packages of 1 to 3 lbs or long-distance packages of 50 lbs. The delivery date and time will depend on each customer's shipping information and requirements.

The maximum weight of each package is 50 pounds. According to informed sources, a customer agreement shows that the size of the package must not exceed 24 cubic inches.

Under this service, Amazon picks up the goods every Monday to Friday and delivers them seven days a week. The delivery provider is selected by Amazon. The person familiar with the matter said that for those less than 50 parcels, each person would be charged $10. However, Amazon disagreed, saying that it did not charge a pickup fee at all.

The person familiar with the matter said that the transportation project is also opened to other e-commerce platforms and sellers in Amazon. In recent months, e-commerce companies such as eBay and Shopify have launched logistics distribution projects to attract customers who originally used Amazon logistics to use their services. The transportation project that Amazon launched at this time may be a counter-measure against these competitors.

Amazon ranks sellers based on a range of metrics, and good ratings are very valuable, and bad ratings can adversely affect e-commerce sellers. The person said that, according to an agreement, if there is a problem with Amazon's ground delivery service, it will not affect the seller's rating.

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